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Giving and Receiving words on arrows around a sphere to symbolize the full circle of sharing and getting back, a form of karma for the good things you do for others

In a Give and Take World, Learn to Give and Receive

Western and Eastern cultures vary greatly and are completely at odds in some very significant ways. Literally at the core of how we live every moment of our lives.

In the west we tend to live our lives on a give and take basis. When we are dealing with friends, family, neighbors, even our children, give and take is the standard practice.

For example, “Okay Johnny, you can have that shiny new ball, but first you have to clean your room.” Or, “Hey Honey, if you take out the garbage, I’ll go to the grocery store and do the shopping.”

More than this Western back and forth that we always follow, is the darker side of give and take. 

Example; “My friend Tom needed a helping hand with moving and a little extra cash. I helped him out and gave him the cash. I also loaned him my car for a week so he could get to and from work. You know what? He hasn’t done anything for me!”

That is the Western way. Giving with expectation. 

Now let us look at the Eastern philosophy. Giving is not made with the expectation of something in return, it is a gift. Gift is simply the root word of giving! Is that how we feel when we are giving of our time, our resources, our money, our connections? Generally not. We are tallying up the points back and forth. Giving without expectation is incredibly freeing, centering, and balancing to your life. Never give that for which you expect anything in return. Always receive everything given to you with appreciation, grace and thankfulness. 

Imagine if every day from today forward, you never expected anything in return when you gave. The act of giving is where you find your joy! Repeat that to yourself. Giving is an act that will bring you Joy! Do so freely and with no expectation of anything in return. Likewise, always appreciate every single thing given to you. Appreciate it with grace, humility, thanks, and again, joy! If someone holds the door for you, man or woman, young or old, turn and smile, make eye contact and say thank you! That’s a natural way to give back, acknowledging your gracious acceptance of their gift! This gracious giving and receiving, creates a bond of warmth and joy for that brief moment. Those moments, day by day, will change your life.

So try that exercise, turn off the expectation when you give and be aware and outwardly joyful and appreciative of all you receive. It will change your day, it will change your life. Most importantly it will change your heart.

Written by: Doug Dartch, a guest writer for Healing Waters Health Center