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restoring energy flow in body and mind


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How We Can Help You

Healing Waters Health Center treats the body, mind, and spirit with a unique combination of techniques and expertise. This can truly resolve the root cause of your physical and emotional ailments, and help you live a life full of joy, love, and happiness. 


Emotional Healing

You don't have to feel anxious or depressed anymore. You were meant to have joy!


Physical Healing

Living in pain doesn't have to be normal. We can help your body heal naturally.

Our Treatment Sessions

At Healing Waters Health Center, you’ll find support to resolve immediate ailments and learn important self-care basics for life-long improvement. We bring together modern techniques and ancient practices, a blend of Eastern and Western methods that concentrate on creating more flow of energy throughout the body, which helps restore the body’s proper and healthy functioning.

 Find out for free, if our services are a good fit for you.

A targeted treatment to a specific area of the body or ailment.

We help your whole body heal through a natural energy balance.



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Join a Class

Along with treating your ailments, we also educate on how the body works resulting in physical and emotional stability. Come learn with others who seek to be healthy.

Learn how energy in the body works, and how you can help heal yourself and others.

Join others in learning the powerful tool of calming your mind, and opening your heart.

Learn simple techniques on what it takes to make all your relationships healthy.

"I came to healing waters because I was having anxiety, sleep issues, and depression- not feeling myself.  My holistic chiropractor recommended I go to Healing Waters.

Since coming to Healing Waters I’ve learned tools to help me with these issues, such as deep breathing, meditation, having more self-confidence, expressing myself (not holding it in).  

I feel anyone who has any kind of problems, ache, pains would benefit from healing waters and their therapists."

– Gayle 67 years old

Programs at the Center

These programs help to make the changes this world needs—positive loving relationships, and enhanced environments that come from the epicenter within each of us individually and collectively.

Creating the perfect environment for building healthy cells and body.

 Intensives help heal the body and mind in a short amount of time.



Ready for your body to feel whole again?

We often go through life not feeling our “best”. Experience energy work and its amazing effects on your mind and body. You will wonder why you didn’t try it before.