AcuEnergetics® First Aid


Helping your loved ones feel better.

What is AcuEnergetics® First-Aid Basics?

In this amazing workshop, you learn an energy healing modality to help yourself and your loved ones. You leave with the knowledge of specific acupuncture points and locations to give relief from many different everyday ailments. (We use same system as Chinese medicine, but we don't use needles). 

You will understand how to move energy through the body improving flow and health. After the workshop you will go away with valuable ways to help your loved ones feel better fast.

Learn how to give relief for:

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Stomach Issues

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Tummy pains

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Bowel Issues

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Vomiting and Nausea

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Sleep Issues

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Newborn Reflux/Upset

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Acid Reflux (adults)

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Burns, Bumps + Bruises

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Sore Throat

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Period Pain

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Anger, Anxiety, Worries + Fears

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Behavior Issues

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And More!

Have you tried everything to help?

If you have infants, toddlers, teens, or aging parents you know they experience many physical and emotional issues. In infants and toddlers they can experience spitting up, have sleep issues, ear infections, bumps, bruises, or tummy issues.  As teens, you may see anxiety, depression, anger, or sports injuries. And if you have aging parents you may see issues around worry or fear or bruises easily.  


You have probably paced the floor, tried medication, may feel frustrated or worried, and not know what to do.  Feelings of helplessness and disempowerment are common when these situations show up and you don't have the tools to help.

Learn an amazing alternative to medication

Want Change? Learn Something new.

Today you can learn easy, effective hands-on ways to help with all these problems without medication.  This modality is easy to learn and safe to use on people of all ages. 


Energy healing is fast, effective, empowering, and affordable.

Energy Healing Made Easy

Get Information

Learn the hand skill resonance in this one day workshop.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how to help your loved ones feel better faster using your body's natural abilities.

Easy to Learn

You get lots of information and helpful hints to treat a wide variety of issues.

Safe for All Ages

Safe and effective techniques to help all people—from infants to elderly.


This is a life-long skill that every family needs. It class is priceless!

What Our Students Had to Say


I am able to help my kids regularly with my new hand skills. Everything from fear, to feeling down, to the bumps and bruises they get. WOW!! This is amazing, I no longer feel helpless. Thank you doesn't say it enough.
~S. D.


I am so happy I found Healing Waters!  As a senior person with chronic problems, I wanted to find a place where I could get help to stay as active as I could.  I found that with the women at Healing Waters. They have addressed my issues as they come up and I receive so much relief from their sessions.  The first aid class showed me points on my body to be able to do at home.  This is also very helpful between sessions and can make being mobile easier for me to get about.  I am so thankful to have found this place and the love and concern they show me.  We are lucky to have them in Stillwater!    ~Becky D


My son started sleeping through the night once I used the technique resonance with him. I am so glad we are all getting better sleep now. 

Nows the time for you to learn energy work to help those you love.

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