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What is the I AM Movement?

Welcome to this unique self-discovery and awareness movement.  Every person can identify and participate because it's a movement inside each of us.
This movement begins with a feeling deep within you.  Once you identify with this vibration you will want to live it regularly as it feels amazing.
Once you recognize your I AM, you begin to call upon it during times of uncertainty, when you feel shaken, triggered, or feeling off.
Acknowledging and accepting these feelings gives you the opportunity for personal growth and wellness.
The secret of this movement is to go within and not rely on things outside of you.  Here is where you get to simply BE and when everything in the world seems right.
Now is the time to be aware of this movement within you.  Your I AM Movement awaits.


Know it, Feel it, Live it

Know IT

Know IT

The first step is to identify your I AM- being able to name it so you have a reference point.

Often, people label themselves with descriptions like...  I AM a teacher, a parent, a child, a sibling, a boss... which feels true, but 


I AM is deeper than that.


Other times people label feelings or beliefs about themselves and let those define them such as.... I am anxious, I am depressed, not smart, I am not good enough, or I am better than everyone else.  These also feel true, because you feel the feelings and believe those phrases, but


I AM is deeper than that.  


You see, it's the feelings and labels that you get caught up in and you let those define who you THINK you are.  This place confines and restricts you from expanding into your greatness. 


If you strip away all the labels that others tell you or you tell yourself, what's left is I AM. 

Feel IT

Feel IT

You will recognize your I AM when you have done something that triggers feelings of empowerment.


Graduating from a program, buying your first home, getting married, having a baby, finishing a big project, volunteering your time, completing a to-do list, etc.


Most of us equate having to achieve something to elicit that empowered/I AM feeling.  This is when you go through life doing and achieving outside of yourself in the hope to FIND it.  That gets exhausting.


Connecting to your I AM is simpler than you might think.  It is identifying and acknowledging the feelings you have inside of you, instead of what you think is the right way to be from the outside of you. (What do my friend, parent, teacher, clergy, boss etc. think I should do or be)


What you say to yourself is important.  Sometimes negative labels or feelings are used to describe who you think you are. This does you no good.  These are lies you have been told and you believed to be true, they cover up your "I AM".


Your "I AM" feeling starts with being.  Being still, being aware of the thoughts, your internal dialog, noticing if you are sharing it with others, being aware of how you feel about yourself.


When these feelings and thoughts are negative, making you feel less than and small, the "I AM "movement is turning this around to being aware of this amazing BEING you already are.


You don’t have to “find” this place.  You already are "I AM" this, beautiful, amazing, love BEING.


Connect to your "I AM" as you sit and be still.

Say out loud “I AM…… (a positive reinforcement)


Now feel how this feels

The secret is….feeling it.

Change begins with a thought and ends with a feeling.  It’s very important to FEEL the shift.


This is your true I AM essence.

Live IT

Live IT

Living from your I AM helps others to live from their I AM too.


This high vibration moves in you and automatically affects others around you. When you tap into your I AM, it ripples out to your friends, family, complete stranger, and all the people you meet.


It's a new way of BEING, it guides you in your flow and experiencing the beauty around you more often. Loving your life and being happy.


Imagine a world where we all live in this expansive place of love, joy, bliss, and happiness.


Shine your light, sharing your I AM with someone today!

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This I AM movement is a new way to be in this world.  Identifying, feeling, and living is how your life will start to move in the direction that is right for you.  

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