Immersive sound and vibration for physical and emotional fitness

What is the Opus Soundbed?

The Opus Soundbed uses vibroacoustic technology to deliver low-frequency vibration throughout your body that quickly releases you out of stress response and into a place of deep relaxation and receptivity.  Spatial sound using headphones brings your awareness swiftly into the present moment.

Why use it?

The better we can guide and elevate our emotions, the more powerfully we meet the demands of life, the more consciously we can shift our feeling state, and the stronger our relationships and ability to create the life we desire.

With this Sound healing, you can shift and sustain whatever energetic state you desire, whether it is a deep calm and relaxation, improved focus and performances, or heightened creativity and connection to purpose.  

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Find your Happy Place with the Soundbed


Five Zones of vibration produce a wide sensations from soothing rain to booming thunder and base. 


Special speakers sends waves of vibration through your body to bring you into a state of state of harmony.


Listen to meditations, frequencies, music, which translates to a full somatic body experience.  


The experience simply feels great, like being immersed in a cocoon of pleasurable sensation. 


These low prices are easy for anyone to afford.  Healing with vibrations is the wave of the future. 

What Our Clients Have to Say



"I listened to the Earth Awareness for energy. It was very relaxing. When I went home, so much was accomplished mentally and physically in my day. This experience is definitely something everyone should have." R.D.


"Today I experienced the Soundbed for the first time. I listened to "Fearless" and found it relaxing and calming. I also had my first AcuEnergetics® session with Susan and it was a nice combination after my treatment with her. Thank you for the opportunities today." Shelly


"I listened to the "Light Warrior" and I loved it! I felt very energized. I wasn't expecting it." J.T.


"I had a smile the entire time!"  Mike



Opus Soundbed Prices and Song Options

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