In the Flow with Healing Waters

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Staying balanced in chaos


Wow, what a crazy and scary year it has been!  We tested new ways of life, for some it was homeschooling, or ordering groceries online, caring for loved ones and for the essential workers it was downright brutal. 

Now, there is a vaccination and everything is ok, right?  Back to life as we knew it, right?  Well, sort of, maybe not for some. 

I found it interesting to take most activities and commitments out of my life for a short time.  It gave me room for clarity on what I wanted to put back in.  What had I been doing that I no longer enjoyed just because I had been doing it for 5 years?  What commitments did I make that felt like chores that I did just because I always had?

It was a great period of introspection, mixed with a lot of uncertainty and sometimes pure chaos.  What I did not see coming though was the way I would feel as things started to reopen and life began picking up pace.

I know I am not alone in the feeling that all the commitments and invitations coming in at once as we return to our pre-pandemic lives is overwhelming.  How do we ease back into that fast-paced life?  Do we even want to?  Shouldn’t we feel happy to be able to enjoy all this again? Some of you may be heading back into the workplace soon for the first time in more than a year, others are trying to get through summer after homeschooling all year last year, nothing feels certain and you probably feel unbalanced and unsure. 

How can we care for ourselves in this transition?

  1.  Be self kind.  Give yourself kindness and empathy as you begin picking up activities again.  You do not need to say yes to all the things you previously did! Find quiet space for yourself to do activities you enjoy.  Make YOU your #1 priority!
  1. Listen to your body.  Maybe you are super tired after an activity or commitment, take the nap, feed it well, take necessary vitamins for solid nutrition, get AcuEnergetics treatments!
  1.  Ground yourself!  When our root chakra or base is closed, we can become ungrounded.  This happens when we experience trauma (like the past year) or are “in our head” too much.  You can stand barefoot on the grass and feel your feet, or simply put both hands on top of your head (light pressure) and feel your feet touching the ground. 
  1. Meditation.  This is a great tool to help you re-center during times of stress.  This does not need to look like a formal practice where you sit a certain way and hold your fingers etc.  It is simply finding space to sit and breathe.  Feel your breath in and out.  The mind starts chattering?  Go back to the breath! This calms the system and clears the mind.

Perhaps the most important takeaway here is the need for human connection and self care in our lives.  Reach out to a loved one and connect, go slow during this stressful time and most importantly, love yourself!  

Stay in the flow


Written by Lisa Warman, senior balancer at Healing Waters Health Center


Lisa is our Senior AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer. You are greeted by Lisa’s smile, and knowledge of which balance will support you best. Be assured you are in skilled and good hands. She is warm and caring as she assists your energy to move through her wellness balance.