Healing Waters Health Center

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In-Person Meditation Class

Have you tried to meditate but think it's too hard?  Or you don't think you are good at it? 

These are problems students often have when they start the practice of meditation. 


Learn techniques and get individual help to understand meditation is easy.


You will learn why you don't have to try relax your mind.  Find why you don't have to stop having emotions.  You will learn to open your heart and live more in your I AM. 


Our meditation classes are once a week for one month. The cost is $57 for the four classes.

Drop in anytime for $15 for any in person meditation class. Please call Deb so we can reserve a spot for you. 651-430-2866.

Online Meditation Class

Enjoy this 6 week online meditation class in the comfort of your own home. You gain knowledge on why and how meditation works. Learn two powerful and simple meditations that you will want to use for the rest of your life, because they work. If you are new to meditation or are seasoned, these meditations are for you.