"Energy Healing Essentials"

Helping yourself and others get relief from pain and injury

What is AcuEnergetics® Energy Healing Essentials?

(Level 1)

Learn how to increase your awareness and sensitivity to the bio-electricity in the body.

This weekend course is an eye-opening experience, teaching you how to increase your awareness and sensitivity to the bio-electrical system in the body. Through the meditations, energetic techniques, and energetic balances, you will discover a fresh approach to all aspects of your life.

You will learn skills to open your heart and bring you more joy, love, and energy. This is a journey of self-discovery through the heart.


Here's what you'll learn:

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Simple & profound meditations to still the mind and open the heart.

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How to feel your own and other people’s energy centers.

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The First Gate energetic opening technique.

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How to open your bio-electrical field and balance another person’s.

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Release held emotions which cause illness in the body.

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A basic introduction to the physiology of the bio-electrical body.

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Radiance, resonance and magnetic hand techniques for healing illness.

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The first level of training to becoming an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.

You can break whatever cycle you're in.

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel off and don't know why? Maybe you experience physical pain from an accident, surgery, a chronic condition, or random pain that just shows up. Maybe you feel stuck in an emotional pattern of sadness, anxiety, depression, or frustration and not sure how to change it and get relief.

This method is safe to treat friends and family of all ages

Start now, start new.

When you take a new look at healing using the bio-electrical system it is an easier, more effective way of moving through physical and emotional pain.  This weekend workshop is the beginning of creating more electric flow in your body/mind to encourage healing and flow into your life.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Can't meditate

You've tried, and you just can't seem to do it

Feel anxiety

Whether it's daily or weekly, anxiety comes and goes

Lack energy

Can't get going in the morning or hit a wall mid-afternoon?

Emotional Instability

Emotions in the body are telling you something 


Learn how the movement of energy helps you heal

What Our Students Had to Say

My favorite part was learning specific techniques to help others. I am so excited to have learned the circulation of the light balance and all the first aid. It was so exciting to actually feel the energy myself. I am excited to help family members and myself become healthier. ~Eileen H.


I am going to use AcuEnergetics to heal myself! Thank you both so much for your beautiful hearts and for making this healing center and important work available. I am so very grateful for you both. My biggest takeaways are that I can do resonance on myself and how that works, learning about being open and closed, and the 2 meditations we learned. ~Cari L.


Thank you for having a curious nature that brought you to this point in your lives that allows you to help others! I enjoyed learning about the Circulation of Light wellness balance and experiencing multiple sensations from energy flow in my body. ~Lannette S.

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