"I AM" Empowerment Retreat

A one-day self-exploring and connecting to your authenticity.

Changing your life forever.

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Shining Your Light

Evolve, Engage, and Elevate into your intrinsic soul.


There is this part that lies deep within each and every one of us.


For many, this part has laid dormant, hidden, or not acknowledged for most of our lives.


During this retreat, you explore how to tap into this part more often. Begin to express and live authentically.


Leave the retreat with a deeper understanding and profound peace, living from within and bringing into all of your relationships and to the world.

Life is magical, join the retreat to discover and then live the magic that resides within you.

Your Birthright

Have you ever wondered why you fall short of your dream life?

From the outside looking in everything looks great, and on the inside, you feel there is still something missing.

Is it possible, that the reason is you have been living your life from what you think others expect or want of you? Or that you have been programmed to live a certain way that hasn't resonated with your authenticity?

What if you were given permission, and encouraged to live your purpose, your dream without needing to apologize for your greatness?

Would you grab at that chance?

It is your birthright to live into your full glory and realize that you are already perfect. That you are this amazing love being that simply wants to love and be loved.

To feel in this greatness and share you with the world is the gift you are here to give. And when you play small you serve no one.

During this  "I AM" Empowerment Retreat you become familiar and reconnect with this that you already know and have not been guided to live. Today is the day that your life shifts and never goes back.

Your "I AM" is calling you.

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Facilitated by Susan and Denise

Join Susan and Denise as they open the door to a whole new way for you to engage in your life.


You get the opportunity to evolve beyond fear, anxiety, depression, or anything that holds you back and stops you.


Elevating your life experiences to a whole new level.