Healing Waters


Holistic Education for the Curious Mind

What is the Academy?

Healing Waters Academy is a safe place for self-discovery, change, and growth.

We offer online and in-person courses to enrich your life and help your family and friends suffering from physical and emotional pain.


There are even opportunities for career enhancement or a whole new career in the energy healing field.


We are the only location in the United States teaching both AcuEnergetics® and The Perfect Triangle™.

Classes in the Academy

AcuEnergetics® Meditation

Join others in learning the powerful tool of calming your mind, and opening your heart.

AcuEnergetics® First-Aid Basics

In this amazing workshop, you learn a hand skill called Resonance, helping people of all ages. From infants to aging parents, this technique is easy to learn and safe to use on everyone.

AcuEnergetics® Energy Healing Essentials

A 2-day intensive workshop, learn self-care and experience how the mind, body, and emotions connect through the bio-electrical system. Learn how to help your loved ones heal from emotional and physical pain.

Learn the

"Art of Healing"

How does the Academy work?

Healing Waters Academy was developed with clarity in mind.


Both our treatments and classes were offered under Healing Waters Health Center.  As we continue to grow, we see the need to create two divisions; one for learning and one for treating.  Often clients receiving treatments become students or visa versa, which helps clients learn more about themselves and heal. 


Our hope is no matter how you come into to Healing Waters (seeking to learn or seeking to heal) we have a lot to offer.  You are in the right spot.

Why join the Academy?

Healing Waters Academy courses change the trajectory of your life.


You gather knowledge and learn simple, powerful, and empowering techniques and tools designing a life filled with more joy, happiness, calm, and peace.


These courses are easy to understand,  impactful, and the knowledge gained is used in everyday life and situations.

Don't give up the chance to change your life forever. 

Start easy with great reward.


What gets you excited and makes you curious


How you can help yourself and others


Which course is right for you.  We can help with that!


For the courses that are your perfect fit


The course and your life has changed forever

What Our Students Had to Say

My favorite part was learning specific techniques to help others. I am so excited to have learned the circulation of the light balance and all the first aid. It was so exciting to actually feel the energy myself. I am excited to help family members and myself become healthier. ~Eileen H.


I am going to use AcuEnergetics to heal myself! Thank you both so much for your beautiful hearts and for making this healing center and important work available. I am so very grateful for you both. My biggest takeaways are that I can do resonance on myself and how that works, learning about being open and closed, and the 2 meditations we learned. ~Cari L.


Thank you for having a curious nature that brought you to this point in your lives that allows you to help others! I enjoyed learning about the Circulation of Light wellness balance and experiencing multiple sensations from energy flow in my body. ~Lannette S.

Ready to take a class? Take the leap with us—we've got you! 

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