How Energy Work Can Improve Your Life

What to Expect

A team of dedicated, highly trained professionals who are compassionate and have passion for assisting individuals through physical and emotional pain.

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Experience relief from physical pain.
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A new perspective on how I can turn my life into my dream life. 
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Create better emotional stability.
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Life is just "off", and you want a better understanding of why and how to get back on track.
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How to find balance in your life.
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Your whole family can be served from infants to elderly.

AcuEnergetics® Treatment Packages + Pricing

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This mini package includes 3 treatments and can be shared between Wellness Balances and Energy Healing Sessions.

Great for new patients!

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This package includes 6 treatments and can be shared between Wellness Balances and Energy Healing Sessions. 

A discount of $83!

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This package includes 12 treatments and can be shared between Wellness Balances and Energy Healing Sessions and family members.

Huge savings for the whole family $243!

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1 Wellness Balance per month

AcuEnergetics® Classes

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6 week in-person meditation classes

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1st Aid Basics


Learn Energy Healing to treat yourself, family, and friends. 

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Energy Healing Essentials (level 1)


Take Energy Healing to the next level. 

The Perfect Triangle™

3-week online


Empowerment and Relationship Building Program


Energy Enhancement System Packages + Pricing

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1 hour
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2 hour
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6-Energy Enhancement System hours

This package includes 6 EES hours 

$342 ($57/hour)


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12- Energy Enhancement System hours

This package includes 12 EES hours

$648 ($54/hour) 


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24-Energy Enhancement System hours

This package includes 24 EES hours and can be shared between family members                $1224 ($51/hour)


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12-Treatment plus more


This package includes 12 AcuEnergetics® sessions, The Perfect Triangle™ online course, and 12 EESystem™ sessions, meditation class, I AM myst - 

The best value $2307 (Savings of $485) 

Want to Schedule a Free Discovery Session First?

No problem! We're excited that you're interested in finding out more and are convinced that you have been directed to us for a purpose. Be prepared to experience joy as you enter this safe and inviting space!

"I have worked with Susan for several months now and I cannot believe the growth and transformation that I have gone through. I brought my teenage daughters to see her as well. She has a natural calm and healing energy about her that allows you to open up to your best self! We love her! It is so important to do inner work in our world where we are faced with so much distraction. Go to Healing Waters and see what Awesomeness comes into your life!" 


Frequently Asked Questions

At Healing Waters Health Center, we create healthier, happier people. You’ll find support to resolve immediate ailments and learn important self-care basics for life-long improvement. We bring together modern techniques and ancient practices, a blend of Eastern and Western methods that concentrate on creating more flow of energy through the body. We have decades of experience in direct treatment and know the best way to achieve and maintain wellness is to give you the tools you need to make self-care part of your daily life.

During your 30 minutes, you talk with a practitioner, together you'll discover a plan for your personal needs,  you experience a sample session and we let you know how we can help your healing process.

AcuEnergetics® is a healing modality treating illness and pain in the body. When energy is congested in the energetic pathways, we can experience dysfunction, pain, depression or anxiety, just to name a few. By restoring the natural energy flow, pain and dysfunction can be lessened or eliminated. 

On your first visit, the practitioner and client will visit about issues that the client is having. Most often, the client will then lay on a massage table for their session while the practitioner works on the energy points to get flow and movement. (Initial visits are 90 minutes)

There are 12 wellness balances offered. Each has its own benefits and value. The purpose of a wellness balance is to increase energy flow, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and well-being. Each of the balances are listed with a complete description on the website under “HEAL” then scroll to “WELLNESS WE PROVIDE.”


A monthly membership is for those who want to make a 6-month commitment to monthly balances. It is a great way to keep the energy moving throughout your body and to keep you well. A 6-month commitment is required and is $99/month  (regularly balances are $125) and also includes a free in-person or online meditation series. 

Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem™) combines science, innovation, and ancient wisdom, this cutting-edge system taps into the body's own energy field to promote healing, balance, and overall well-being.  

The Perfect Triangle™ is an online self-help week course achieving confidence, balance, and stillness in your life. 

If you have never experienced a session at HWHC, we suggest your first appointment is a “discovery session”.  We have a lot of offerings to heal, teach, and empower clients.

You can wear whatever you’d like. You stay clothed during your session. 

Typically services at Healing Waters are covered using HSA depending on your personal coverage,  you will want to check with your provider. 

You are responsible for keeping your receipts for proof should you ever need it.  

We do not take insurance, however if you have had a car accident, some car insurances will provide money you can apply to your sessions. 

We accept HSA cards for your sessions at Healing Waters!

We offer:

  • We offer: 
    AcuEnergetics® Treatments and Wellness Balances
  • AcuEnergetics® Trainings
  • Meditation Classes
  • Energy Enhancement System (EES)
  • The Perfect Triangle™
  • I AM Retreat



Healing Waters Health Center provides a 3 week online program called the Perfect Triangle™ which includes zoom meetings for support. 

This program educates every employee about self, relationships, and how they can individually feel empowered and successful.  This approach results in higher retention rates, improved communication skills, increased job satisfaction and overall unity in the culture.


If interested, please call the center to set up a meeting with our team. 

Ready to live a life full of joy, love and happiness?

Let us help you discover your truth behind it all, so you can be more present and lead a more joy-filled, heart-opening life.