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What to do with Anxiety?

Anxiety has affected 1/3 of the population at one time or another. For some people, it’s an ongoing treatment process, for others, it comes and goes.  What does anxiety feel like to you? 

In my practice, I have learned it comes in many forms. For some people, its racing heart, racing mind, panic attacks, crying jags, fatigue….the list goes on. For others, it is apologizing, nail biting, unable to say no, stomach aches, and feelings of overwhelm. No matter what your list of symptoms, it is agreed that anxiety is uncomfortable and often interferes with our quality of life.  

Physically, you can feel butterflies, nervousness and pains in your stomach while experiencing anxiety. When this happens, you are energetically tying your stomach in knots. It blocks flow to the stomach and can create perceived leg length differences, hip and knee pain, headaches, digestive issues, sinus issues and increased anxiety.

So, what causes this anxiety to begin with? Worry and lack of trust. If you are worrying about your job duties tomorrow, your children’s futures, the state of the world or even small things, you are not in the present moment. Trusting in your spiritual belief and the universe to provide for your needs will benefit you. The past few years of isolation and uncertainty have affected everyone. Healing begins with showing love to yourself and others. Give yourself some grace as you ease back into social situations. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious.  You may even notice your social skills are a bit rusty.

When you feel you are not in the present moment or feeling anxious, what do you do?  Here are some great suggestions.

  1. Bring your mind back to the “now” by self grounding. Place your hands on top of your head. Gently pressing, feel your feet on the ground. Eyes open, ask yourself what you hear, see and smell? All of these will help bring you back to the present time.
  2. Meditation. If your mind is racing and you’re stuck in future thought, sit in meditation for 15 min. Calm your mind and bring yourself back to the present. There are lots of meditation apps you can use, or we teach meditation at Healing Waters if you want to learn more.
  3. Get outside. Go for a walk, take your pet out to play ball, stand barefoot on the grass for a few minutes. Nature is amazing for health, well being and grounding.
  4. Journal your worries away! Sometimes, writing out our worries helps us put them into perspective and stop focusing on them.
  5. Get an Acuenergetics® Wellness Balance or treatment. We have several balance and treatment options to help you manage anxiety and get your stomach moving properly again.
  6. Reach out to others. By being open and vulnerable, you give others permission to do the same.  

Try putting some of these techniques to use in your everyday life. Not only will it help reduce anxious feelings, but it will improve your daily quality of life.

Be present in the flow,



Lisa is our Senior AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer. You are greeted by Lisa’s smile, and knowledge of which balance will support you best. Be assured you are in skilled and good hands. She is warm and caring as she assists your energy to move through her wellness balance.