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Cute Baby Lying On Tummy In Parent's Bed

Smiling and Laughing

Smiling and Laughing…a simple way to stay healthy.

You’ve probably watched several videos, or experienced first hand, a baby laughing deep from their belly. It’s a sound that instantly puts a smile on your face or you too start to laugh. It’s contagious!

You don’t have to be a baby to spread smiles and laughter to others. Did you know that the sound of laughter can raise the vibration in a room and have a positive effect on others? By simply laughing, you can give someone a gift without spending a cent. 

According to Envolve Health, there are 5 health benefits of smiling and laughing that happen in your body. You’ll be able to feel some of these benefits right away while other benefits will be taking place without you even knowing it.    

  1. Decreases stress: Laughing lowers stress and tension in your body, which can result in lowering your blood pressure. With today’s technology, it’s easy to find a funny podcast that will make you laugh and they are easy to listen to while riding in the car or while you’re on a walk. Laughing creates a sense of calm. 
  1.  Strengthen Immune System: Smiling and laughing triggers a chemical reaction in your brain, which releases neuropeptides. These tiny molecules maintain immune tolerance and may help fight potential illness. 
  1. Improves mood:Just by smiling, your body releases 3 different hormones: dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These hormones “trick” your body into feeling happier. Think about how simple smiling is. If you need help putting a smile on your face, think of a special person in your life that makes you smile, look at favorite photos of a memory made, or watch a comedy. Smiling can turn your day around to improve it. 
  1. Reduces pain: The endorphins that are released when you smile can temporarily reduce body aches or minor pains. Who knew?!!
  1. Increase positivity: When you smile and laugh, a positive feeling is created. Many health benefits occur by maintaining a positive attitude, in addition to an overall better outlook on life. 

We can all relate to how we feel when we are smiling and laughing vs when we are sad and in a bad mood. A smile is always there, ready to spread across your face if you allow it. As with everything, you have a choice on how you’ll find your smile and laughter each day. 

There are many people who find it difficult to do this simple task each day because of depression, fear or anxiety. If you are able, smile at a stranger, share a laugh, or do a random act of kindness. You never know the impact it will have on others. It’s like dropping a pebble into the water and watching the ripple effect. 

Be the ripple and see if you can raise the vibration in the room by laughing.  

Be the ripple and see how many people you can smile at today. 

Be the ripple and see how many people you can share a laugh with today?

Be the ripple and notice the change in yourself and others around you.

Smile in the flow