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Let me fix that

As far back as I can remember, I have been a “fix it” person. I have always enjoyed solving problems. It gives me personal satisfaction. It really can be anything. If a faucet is not working right I problem-solve and decide if it needs to soak in vinegar, or if a part needs to be replaced. If someone talks about something they are trying to figure out, my brain automatically looks at how it could work differently, and I offer them a solution OR I will actually do it for them. I help complete strangers because they are struggling to pick something up or I hold open a door. 

I was raised this way. At a family gathering last summer, one of my cousins and I were talking about my dad. He said to me, “If your dad had a dollar in his pocket, it was your dollar.” (he use to buy complete strangers a meal if they were hungry) It is true. He gave and didn’t expect anything in return and I really enjoyed that part of my life. I think it is a great way to live. Yes, this is a nice attribute, but this past week I had an interesting awareness. I realized that at times, there is an urgency to fix something, even if it is not mine to fix. 

Maybe you can relate.

Recently, I have visited with a number of people who are more than casual acquaintances who are experiencing things that are intense and stressful in their lives. During the conversations, I wanted to fix their problems, but they weren’t asking me to fix any of them.

Then came a big realization for me, why I go into FIX IT mode! 

I found out that a big reason I attempt to “fix it” for people, is because there is an uneasy feeling within me that is driving me to “fit it” 

It might be I think things are going to take a bad turn if they continue with that course of action. I want to save them from that experience.  Sometimes I believe it is because I am uncomfortable; it might be that I have a solution for them and I can’t (don’t) keep my thoughts or opinions to myself. They did not ask me. I give it freely. Can you relate to this?
It is as if I HAVE TO SAY OR DO SOMETHING. It is not through a thought process. It is a reaction to an uncomfortable feeling and I just want that feeling to stop. 

I am beginning to realize it has nothing to do with the other person. It is mine to look at and mine to process. I can’t really do some of these things for others just like nobody can really do it for me.

A new realization is that I may be doing them more harm than good when I try to fix something that is not mine to fix. Even more concerning is when I “fix it” it reinforces that they cannot do “it,” potentially causing a feeling of inadequacy for them. 

Today is a new day and my awareness is to recognize when I want to go into fix-it mode. Instead of fixing it I can ask them if they want me to help or if they just want me to listen and simply allow. 

Ask the question and allow the flow,



Denise is the co-owner, founder of Healing Waters Health Center and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner. She is also a AcuEnergetics® level 1 teacher, and Co-Creator of The Perfect Triangle. Denise’s intrigue with and curiosity about energy flowing through the body began at a young age. She loves educating people on how energy in the body affects our well-being. With more than 30 years of experience, she has a well-rounded approach to assisting people who are interested in alternative ways to improve their health and happiness.