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Zipper’s mishap

Some of you may have read some previous blogs I have written that I called lessons from the barn. If not, I will give you the short version. We own a horse named Zipper that belongs to my 14 yr old daughter. They are both equally sweet and spicy and present each other and me many challenges and opportunities for growth.  This weekend, there was an episode where I was able to use some of the tools I learned at Healing Waters to handle a difficult situation. 

My daughter and Zipper went to Menomonie, WI for a barrel race. I was not able to go due to a work commitment. She traveled with some of the barn gals. Once they arrived, they unloaded horses and tied them to trailers. It began to rain. One of the gals went to put the awning out to help keep the horses dry. Zipper was spooked by this and began pulling and trying to get away. She inadvertently backed into another horse who then also spooked and kicked her in the upper leg. This horse was wearing shoes and it split her leg wide open.

My daughter contacted me, upset that her horse was injured and she would be unable to ride. I looked at photos of the wound and we quickly realized it was more than surface deep and would require medical attention. It’s a Saturday, they are a hour away and need a vet. Our normal veterinarian was several hours away at a different horse show. You can imagine emotions are running high! Due to my participation in the Perfect Triangle program, I was able to stay calm and not spin. My stability in the situation calmed my daughter, who was then able to help soothe Zipper. We were able to find a local vet who came to them.

Several stitches, some pain meds, and an emergency vet bill later and she was stable enough for the ride home. I am so grateful for the tools I learned.  The situation could have gone much differently (and not a positive different) if I had entered the spin. Now we need to get her healed for their trip to Texas in 3 weeks, but that’s another blog for another day. Stay out of the spin friends!

Stable in my flow,



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