In the Flow with Healing Waters

Businessman teamwork holding hands trying to pull up another friend who falling from abyss. Business concept in helping and supportive team. Simple character design.

Who’s in your corner?


We will meet three types of friends in life: 

those for a reason, 

those for a season and 

those for a lifetime.   


I’ve been pondering relationships lately and that phrase keeps popping in my head… “who’s in your corner?”  It sounds  like life is a boxing match and at first I didn’t like that saying because it sounds negative, but after thinking about it, life can feel like you’re in the midst of a fight.  

We can have some really great rounds where things fall into place or we’ve worked super hard and it’s paid off.  Then there’s the times where life is just down right ugly and we wonder how we’ll make it.  I’ve attended only one live boxing match (it was small and amateur) but each boxer had someone in their corner, pumping them up with words or wiping blood from their face.  

Who is in your corner?  Who shows up? 

Friends for a reason 

To me that’s my siblings, cousins, coworkers, neighbors, church family, etc.  We have some things in common, maybe similar personalities, it’s convenient and easy to maintain these friendships.  

Friends for a season

The people that show up in your life at the precise time you need them and maybe they need you too.  I think this has happened more than once in my life but one friend stands out in particular.  We were both experiencing similar struggles in our marriages and instead of going through it alone we were vulnerable with each other and we learned from each other.  It was valuable. We were there for each other for a season and we needed that. 

Friends for a lifetime 

Sometimes these friends overlap, these are the rare gems in life that I hope you can name at least one person that fits this category.  This is the friend that is there for you 100%, they’ve invested time, energy and effort into loving, supporting and challenging you.   These are the people who celebrate your wins and console you in the darkest seasons of life (failed relationships, troubled marriages, struggling businesses, financial uncertainty).  

It’s through their actions.  Actions speak louder than words.  

The people in your corner will take action. They will reach out, follow up, challenge you and hold you accountable.  

For those in your corner of life, express your gratitude.  Call, send thank you cards, take them to lunch or better yet support their efforts and pursuits; do whatever it takes to make them feel appreciated.  

In the Flow,