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Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

Have you heard this statement before?

“Your body is your vehicle” What does it mean? One meaning of this statement is, Who is in the driver’s seat of your life?

Are you driving your life in the direction you want your life to go? 

No matter what you choose or what you think you must do, you are the person driving your life. 

Maybe you have a passenger in your life that you think is telling you how to drive. They may tell you how and where to drive, BUT you have the wheel. Do you drive your vehicle according to someone telling you how to live your life?

Could it be are you living with the pressure of doing for others or how you perceive they want you to live? 

Giving to parents, children, work, friends and the list goes on and on…

Don’t get me wrong, so many of us have a servant’s heart and understand how amazing it feels to help others unconditionally. 

It feels amazing when our gas tank is full and we have extra energy in reserve to give to others. This is when we have extra energy and time to give freely and openly.

However, when we give away all of our reserves, we start to get resentful, exhausted, stressed, and frustrated. We begin to be reactive in the way we respond. This does not make us feel good.   

We are the only ones who drive our own body, chew our own food, breathe for ourselves, even use the toilet for ourselves.  We come into the world alone and we leave this world alone. Others cannot do these things for us and we cannot do these things for others. 

It is important to keep a good balance of helping others and taking care of ourselves. Here are some practical steps for consciously living in “the driver’s seat”:

  • Fill your own bucket – (this is like filling your gas tank- This is about giving to yourself.  Doing and thinking fun things you can do for yourself- possibilities here are endless and specific to what is FUN TO YOU!) 
  • Feel your emotions being happy, sad, angry etc. and choose which ones you want to feel more often.
  • Discover HOW you are- then make the conscious choice of how you WANT to be and be more like that! 

Are you ready to get in the driver’s seat?  It can be a fun ride! 

-Stay in the Flow

Written by Denise Gunderson, co-owner of Healing Waters Health Center


Denise is the co-owner, founder of Healing Waters Health Center and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner. She is also a AcuEnergetics® level 1 teacher, and Co-Creator of The Perfect Triangle. Denise’s intrigue with and curiosity about energy flowing through the body began at a young age. She loves educating people on how energy in the body affects our well-being. With more than 30 years of experience, she has a well-rounded approach to assisting people who are interested in alternative ways to improve their health and happiness.