In the Flow with Healing Waters

Clarity inside human mind - pictured as word Clarity inside a head with cogwheels to symbolize that Clarity is what people may think about and that it affects their behavior, 3d illustration

What I’ve noticed in myself

I am a curious person. I love to learn and experience new things. Recently, I followed an impulse, trusted and was guided and had the drive to get the Energy Enhancement System set up at Healing Waters Health Center. It is extremely exciting to me, and the HWHC team.

I didn’t know exactly what it would look like, and I still have a lot of unanswered questions on what the EES will mean for me and the many others who will have the opportunity to experience it. That said, I have high hopes, and dreams that people will benefit tremendously from experiencing it. 

For those who have not heard about the EES yet, it is a system of scalar waves and bio-photonic waves that creates an environment that when people sit in the room it nullifies the tension in the body and mind returning it to the natural state and knowledge on how to heal itself.  Healing Waters Health Center ordered this system last March to share with our clients. It was to arrive in mid-November but, to our surprise, it is arriving earlier than expected!

My personal EE System story; I have been in two different EESystems for a total of 10 hours. (5 times for 2 hours each time) 

I first tried it last February. I don’t typically have a lot of physical pain, so I didn’t know how I would measure what it was doing for me. 

I can tell you; I was very relaxed, and the time went by very fast. 

After that session, on the ninety-minute ride back home I decided I would treat myself with AcuEnergetics® (yes you can treat yourself with Acu).

I noticed an immediate improvement while treating myself. My hand skills had improved more than 50% during my first 2 hour EES session.

Well, that was interesting and intriguing, so I decided to go back to experience the Energy Enhancement System about a week later. This time I brought more people with me, and they had profound experiences as well.  This got me very excited and is why I am writing a blog about my EES experience.

Each session has been unique. One reason is because each time I have less tension in my body and mind, which makes it a different experience. 

To share it with you I need to step back and fill you in. 

I am self-diagnosed, ADD and Dyslexia. My ADD is not a surprise to many, and I actually enjoy it as I am never bored and always interested in something.  But, I really tried to hide my Dyslexia because it presented and represented, in my mind, that I was stupid. 

Because my brain is changing in profound ways, and others are noticing this too, I feel it is time to share. 

From my elementary school days, reading was a struggle. My first-grade teacher didn’t make me read out loud. I think she thought she was doing me a favor as I was very shy and would physically shake with fear when she called on me to read out loud. I remember avoiding eye contact with her so she wouldn’t call on me to read out loud.  

In seventh grade the school had a program called speed reading. They projected sentences on the wall, and each sentence would appear and disappear faster and faster. My attention was always on the noise of the projector as I anticipated the click to the next sentence.  I would go into a total internal panic as I couldn’t focus on what I was reading.  I didn’t get the prior sentence finished and I didn’t know what  I had just read, and at the end I would be quizzed on it. 

By the time I was graduating from High School I was doing so poorly in English that I barely graduated. 

This only enforced feeling stupid, incapable, and less than. 

It was only after I was married that my husband encouraged me to read out loud. He realized I was struggling with comprehension and with pronunciation.

He created a safe place for me with no judgment, creating confidence within. 

I had wrestled with effective communication while working with others on a joint project. Most times I would just do it how others thought it should be, becoming a strong worker, and adaptive to my environment. 

This story is a snapshot of how life has felt for me most of my life. 

I realize that not everyone will identify with this, and I also know that many have similar struggles. 

I rarely share my story and struggles because I believe these are my lessons to figure out and experience. 

Nobody else can fix it for me. It is up to me to do my deep dive and soul search for how I want my life to be. 

How others judge me, have an opinion, attitude, and perception really has nothing to do with me.

To me it is my journey to figure out.  

Today, my desire is to be vulnerable and share, to give you hope, and a possible solution. 

It is amazing to me that after enjoying the environment of the Energy Enhancement System I am experiencing clarity. My brain is processing differently. I am taking time to respond before I act (or react). I don’t have to rush to have an answer right away, and I take more time to process and communicate.

I am open; and others seem to respond to me openly. 

I am structuring and organizing in ways that others can understand me, and people around me are noticing that I am doing things differently too.  I feel calmer and clearer. 

I am attributing this to the Energy Enhancement System, as this is the only thing different in my life. I didn’t expect this to be a result, and I am glad it is. 

I am excited to see what else the EE System has to offer all of us. Check out the testimonials on our website to see what other people are saying about their experience with the Energy Enhancement System.

We are super excited! The installation will be happening any day and 6 weeks earlier than expected. Stay tuned to hear when it is ready for you and your loved ones to experience it.

Living in the Enhanced Flow,



Denise is the co-owner, founder of Healing Waters Health Center and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner. She is also a AcuEnergetics® level 1 teacher, and Co-Creator of The Perfect Triangle. Denise’s intrigue with and curiosity about energy flowing through the body began at a young age. She loves educating people on how energy in the body affects our well-being. With more than 30 years of experience, she has a well-rounded approach to assisting people who are interested in alternative ways to improve their health and happiness.