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How Committed Are You thermometer level gauge to measure your commitment and determination level or amount

What is your commitment level?


Have you ever thought about your level of commitment to the people and things you want to change in your life? Everything we choose is a decision and requires a level of commitment. As you read below, be mindful of what you would like to change and how you can make the necessary steps to be LEVEL 5 COMMITTED!

Level 1 “I DON’T CARE”


Level 3 “I’M TRYING”



Level 1 “I DON’T CARE” When we say, I don’t care, do you really mean it? Oftentimes, that is a quick response to a question when in fact, we really do care or have an opinion. For example:

Friend: What do you want to do tonight?

You: I don’t care. 

Friend: Let’s go for a walk.

You: Nah, I don’t feel like walking tonight.

This scenario, or something similar, has probably happened to you. If you really look at the 3 words, I don’t care, you are saying, I don’t have an opinion or thought about that and you’re giving the other person the power to decide what to do. If you do have an opinion or you do care about what to do, voice it and strive for clear communication. In other words,

 say what you mean and mean what you say.

Level 2 “WISHING, WANTING, HOPING” I wish…., I want…., I hope….. 

Living in this pattern is holding you back from moving forward. If you’re constantly wishing, wanting and hoping for something to change, it never will until you get committed to reach the goal(s) you’re striving for. This level is for the daydreamer and when you put your dreams into action, you will be

 on the way to reaching your goal(s). 

Level 3 “I’M TRYING” You may be surprised by how often we say I’m trying. Trying is great if you’re tasting a new food, playing a new sport and a good way to see if whatever you’re doing is something you desire to do. I’m trying can be a spot where many people can get stuck. It’s a contemplative level that is an important step to whatever you’d like to change to be 100% committed. When we say I’m trying, and we aren’t committed to change, it’s like giving ourselves a hall pass. 

This is where you GET to decide if you want to change and move out of the trying mode. If that change is hard, you may decide to slide back into “I don’t care” or “wishing, wanting and hoping” OR you can decide to be 100% committed to the change. It’s your decision.

Level 4 “I’M COMMITTED….UNLESS” I think of this level as you’re oh so close but you could easily revert to one of the other levels. You know what you want, you tell yourself that you’re committed to something, things are going well, and then…something happens that derails you. 

This is normal and happens often. You are then faced with a decision that YOU get to decide. Am I going to get back on the tracks and get committed again to reach my ultimate goal or am I going to stay derailed? 

Level 5 “I’M COMMITTED – WHATEVER IT TAKES” This level is empowering! Being committed – WHATEVER IT TAKES shows that you are truly determined to be successful in whatever you are striving for. You are very focused and you will find a way through any obstacles and challenges you may come across. As you have probably already realized, along with the effort it takes to do “whatever it takes” to be committed, you must have the attitude to push forward to achieve and succeed in your goal(s). 

I don’t care and wishing, wanting and hoping are sabotaging yourself. 

I’m trying and I’m committed….unless are maintenance

 and where most of us live. 

I’m committed – whatever it takes is showing yourself that you 

have the attitude to be unstoppable, courageous, dedicated, powerful and brave to be 100% committed.   

The truth of the matter is that we all falter and move around these levels of commitment all day, every day. Pick one thing that you will commit to whatever it takes…no excuses. Be self kind along the way and remember that you GET to decide your attitude, your willingness to change and your level of commitment. 

-Stay in the Flow 

Written by Deb Peltier