In the Flow with Healing Waters

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What I discovered in 2023

Last year, instead of making New Year resolutions, I picked a word to represent 2023 and that word was DISCOVER.

Here is the paragraph from my blog from last year regarding what my intent was with choosing the word, discover.

“On a personal level, I intend to use my 2023 word to dive into unknown waters where there is discomfort, fear and lack of knowledge so that I can empower myself as I discover each new thing that I decide to take on. The end goal is to feel comfortable in each thing I discover, educate myself and gain knowledge which will allow me to be fearless and confident.”

As I read my declaration of how I intended to implement my word, I can say that I did discover quite a bit over the year! It was fun to reflect and realize what I discovered. 

I discovered that asking more questions when I’m not certain about something will provide clarity. It doesn’t matter how many questions you need to ask to completely understand something. Ask until you’re clear. Discovering that more information gives me clarity and with clarity comes confidence and less fear, helping me to make smart decisions. 

I discovered things about myself too. Discovering, understanding, and having awareness on how old patterns were holding me back was a breakthrough. Discovering that communicating completely reduces confusion. Changing those patterns has created a shift of increased vulnerability, richer relationships, and better communication.  

I discovered how to be empathetic without carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and knowing that I don’t have to fix everybody’s problems. That was all put on by ME! No one has ever asked me to fix their problem. I have an awareness of what is mine to fix and what isn’t. I feel that I am better at asking questions and staying in my own lane. It is so freeing and so much less stressful when I don’t take on other people’s problems. 

I will choose another word for 2024, but I will never stop discovering. It’s what is helping me to grow, learn and have fun. I encourage each of you to choose a word, write it down and write what your intent is around that word. Next December, look at what you wrote to see what you learned, accomplished or how you grew.

Always discovering in the flow,