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Man knee pain concept

What do you mean I need a partial knee replacement?

I injured my knee at age 67 in July 2020. I was doing some landscaping at my son’s in California, something I love to do. The project required a lot of repetitive climbing up and down for several days. I am not exactly sure when the injury happened, but I woke up in the middle of the night with what felt like a hot poker in my knee. I “HAD” to finish the project before I returned home, so I kept on going. (I’m sure some of you understand that mentality) So I took as much Advil as I was allowed and finished the project, and I must say, it looked beautiful. 

For the rest of the summer, my knee would swell, it was painful, I had to take steps one at a time because of the pain and it felt unstable. I was sleeping poorly because of the pain. I used ice and an ace wrap. I elevated it and took lots of Advil. It would seem like it was getting better and then it got worse again. I saw 2 different doctors who treated it with a Cortisone shot that did not help. 

In the Fall I went to Florida for the winter. It eventually got well enough to play pickleball with minimal pain however, strangely enough, it hurt too bad to do water exercises at the pool. By April it was still bothering me and I decided to see another doctor and ask for an MRI. The MRI showed I had a complex tear of the medial meniscus. The tear was vertical and horizontal. I chose to wait until I got back to Minnesota before seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon.  Honestly, at this point, I thought they would say it was almost healed and I would need to give it some time. Instead, they showed me the MRI which revealed some thinning I had in the cartilage of my knee, and said I needed a partial total knee replacement. There was obviously thinning there, but I was not much interested in having surgery. I asked the surgeon if I would cause additional damage to the knee if I did not have surgery. The answer was no. I said, “I want to be clear. I will not injure my knee more by walking on it so the main reason I would have surgery is to get out of pain. Is that correct?” The answer was yes. I then asked,  “If I could find a way to get out of pain without surgery that would be ok, right? The answer was, “Yes, but you will not be able to get out of pain.”

It is now July 2022. I never had surgery. I had AcuEnergetics® Treatments. I am playing pickleball full-on several times a week without pain. I am walking stairs normally without pain or the feeling my knee may give out. I was able to do water exercise without pain when I got back to Florida in October 2021 and have continued. 

I was a nurse for 34 years. I worked in orthopedics for several years. A few years ago I would have opted for surgery, no questions asked, just because the doctor said I needed it. In my case, this was not an emergency so I could wait and see. I figured I would try AcuEnergetics® and if it did not work, surgery was still an option. I’ve taken AcuEnergetics® classes so I was working on my own knee during this time and I also had sessions at Healing Waters. I heard about AcuEnergetics® clients that were told by their doctor that their knee was bone on bone and they needed a total knee replacement. Some of these clients made the choice to try AcuEnergetics® before moving forward with surgery. Some of them got out of pain and never had to have the total knee replacement.

We are wise to keep our options open, do our research, ask questions and know our own bodies so we are able to make the best decision for ourselves. We always get to decide what is best for us.

In the flow,