In the Flow with Healing Waters

concept for a self esteem building exercise using an envelope and a empowering message

The I AM retreat

Susan and Denise have been hosting an I AM retreat for about a year. The retreats were always held once a month during the winter at Denise’s house in a Saturday from 9am-3pm. On Monday mornings after the retreat was held, Susan and Denise would come into work smiling and say how wonderful the retreat was. They never gave me a lot of information about the retreat because I think they knew that one day I would attend and they didn’t want me to have expectations going into it. They would always say that the right people showed up that were supposed to be there. My intention was to attend, but I never did.

With Denise’s passing, her house wasn’t available to hold the retreat so we were looking for another location. That’s when 2 angels named Alicia and Brenda came swooping in. They wanted to be in contribution in supporting us after Denise’s passing. We were feeling overwhelmed so when they texted me with an offer of a place to hold the retreat AND they would provide the lunch for the retreat, I checked with Susan and we both said YES!

So, on Saturday, March 9, I attended my first I AM retreat. It was the perfect time for me to go and I was definitely called to do it. It was Susan’s first time facilitating the retreat alone, we had 6 other participants, a beautiful venue and a delicious lunch prepared for us. We are so grateful for their generous gift!

Just like Susan and Denise didn’t give me much information about the retreat, I’m going to do the same. However, what I will share with you in this.

If you are currently on a wellness journey, just starting to contemplate change in your life, or just curious, the I AM retreat is for you. Learning about your I AM will be individual, empowering, enlightening, and bring awareness to what you already know, but it got lost along the way.

The next I AM retreat will be held on Saturday, April 6 from 9am-3pm. Call me at 651-430-2866 to register before all the spots are taken. You’ll be happy that you made the commitment to go!

In the flow of my I AM,