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Photo of campground and campfire in forest on summer day

Summer and the fire element

Summer is definitely upon us!  I’m always amazed what temperature extremes we can experience in such a short amount of time.  

How do you like summer? It seems people absolutely love the hot weather and want to soak up all its glory or the total opposite and the hot days make them retreat to a cool space.  

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), fire is the element associated with summer, and it has the power to give light to our inner being as well as our external world.  The warmth of summer gives rise to fully celebrating life and its bounty. It is the season of growth where gardens are bursting with flowers and vegetables. The weather is perfect for sharing outings, parties, barbecues, walks with friends.  We can tend to our inner fire and nurture relationships naturally during the summer.  

The heart is the organ most associated with the fire element. During summer it’s essential to protect your heart by taking preventative measures to support the fire element and harmonize with the seasonal changes. 

But how do you know the signs of a fire element imbalance? Here’s a quick checklist of common symptoms to look out for when your fire element is in need of some support.

Signs of fire imbalance:

    Feeling scattered

    Having a short temper

    Mood swings

    Feeling hot all the time



    Brain fog

    Sleep troubles

    Low or high blood pressure 

When the fire element is balanced, 

your mind is calm, your sleep is sound and 

your heart is healthy.  

If you need help with balancing your energy, we’re here for you.  

Bitter is the taste associated with the heart. Bitter flavors drain and clear excess heat and fire out of the body. Cooling foods are important this time of year due to the summer heat as they nourish the heart and generate body fluids, reduce toxins and keep the body cool by clearing heat. This is a perfect time to eat fresh fruits, veggies, salads, and green tea.  

The emotion associated with summer is joy. Traditionally, it is said that we should have a happy demeanor and not hold grudges during this time allowing us to keep our energy moving. Everything we do should come from a place of joy and be done with happiness and laughter. It is also a good time to heal emotional wounds.  

Summer is often the time of year we have all been waiting for.  There is a laid-back and carefree vibe that we can all benefit from.  Take time to recharge your battery, whatever that means for you.. fishing, swimming, gardening, camping, listening to the birds, kayaking.  Have fun! 

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Getting in the flow of summer, 


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