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Attractive young cheerful man singing while washing in the shower, wearing shower cap and holding shower head

Sing a song and improve your health

Singing benefits your health.

I received an email from Probiotics America where I purchased my probiotics from.  I found the information to be interesting and useful, so I decided to share it.

 This was written by Cary Nelson MD    Director of Science and Nutrition.  

“We all have people in our lives who can face any situation– no matter how nerve–wracking it might be. 

For me, that’s always been my buddy John.

He’s skydived twice, solo-backpacked across nearly every continent, and I’ve never heard him say no to anything.

That is until we went out to dinner…and it was karaoke night.

Now, I thought John would be the first one up there…

But it turns out, John had one fear: singing.

And not just in public.

He didn’t sing in the car or the shower–and his wife said she never even heard him hum before. 

So, I wanted to help John face his fear…

And told him that even though not everyone was born with natural singing “abilities”…

He was actually missing the chance to improve his health. 

Singing out loud has incredible health benefits.

You see, whether it’s an old classic that “brings you back,” or a new song on the radio you can’t get out of your head…

Singing along to the tune releases your “feel good” hormone, dopamine–instantly leaving you in a better mood. 

Not to mention, regularly belting out your favorite song has shown to:

     *Lower your stress levels the same way yoga does. 

     *Boost your immune to fend off seasonal sickness.

     *Help you get a new night’s rest.   

And if that’s not enough…

Singing at the top of your lungs has been shown to stimulate your vagus nerve.

See your vagus nerve is like the “metronome” that keeps the perfect rhythm between your brain and digestive system.

It’s in charge of helping your body switch into “rest and digest” mode.

And it just so happens to be connected to your vocal cords. 

This means the louder and the more often you sing, the more active it becomes—and the smoother your digestion can be.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit –I can’t carry a note to save my life. 

But it doesn’t matter, because singing out loud–no matter how “poorly”– is a fantastic addition to any wellness routine.

So, if you are like John and aren’t too confident in your singing abilities just yet…

Stick to “car karaoke” or a solo concert in the shower.

Or, if you’re already a “sing like nobody’s watching” kind of person–I dare you to sing even louder.

After all, it only takes one song to give you an instant mood boost…

And luckily–there’s no shortage of fantastic music to keep you healthy for years to come.” 

If you have been around Healing Waters for a while you probably have had a conversation about the vagus nerve and are aware of the vagus nerve balance. In this email, they touched on the benefits of the digestive system, but in fact, the vagus nerve impacts EVERY organ in our body. Getting tension out of the vagus nerve has powerful and very impactful benefits. So sing in the car, in the shower, or wherever and whenever you want, and remember the vagus nerve balance is available at Healing Waters Health Center. I plan on scheduling one when I return from Florida. In the meantime, I’ll be singing.

Singing ourselves into good health in the flow,