In the Flow with Healing Waters

Past Now Future words on a clock to illustrate present time to get work done or enjoy the moment

Not Now, Maybe Later

A friend of mine recently shared the above saying with me. As I thought about it, I realized how this saying, or mantra, applies to many different circumstances. It’s a saying that can take you from worry and perhaps frantic, to calm and present time. These four little words can be like letting the air slowly release out of a blown up balloon that’s ready to pop. If you let these words sit with you, you can experience the feeling of releasing fear of the unknown.

If the emotion around what you are experiencing is fear of the unknown, you may find yourself predicting the outcome of the situation, going to the worst case scenario, creating anxiety within yourself, and possibly making yourself ill. Adopting this mantra, or a different one of your choosing, will get you back into the present time, and when you are in the present time, fear of the unknown will disappear. 

Whether you have programmed yourself to be a worrier, or you are faced with a new situation that can cause you to worry, it’s important to realize that there is no benefit to worry. Several years ago, our family stayed at a friend’s cabin that was in a remote location. My son, who was 5 years old, became ill while we were there and he had a high fever. The fear of him having this high fever spiraled me into fear. I started to panic because I was in an unfamiliar place and I didn’t know where the closest hospital was if I needed to get medical help. My mind started to race with thoughts of “what if’s” and I realized that I wasn’t helping the situation by having wild thoughts. So, I started repeating the phrase, “right now, he’s ok.” I bet I said that phrase over a hundred times that night. What it did for me, was get me into the present time and there wasn’t room for worry and fear to creep in. I was concerned for him, but in control of my emotions. By morning, his temperature had come down and he continued to get better. 

Let’s face it, we have a tendency to worry about anything and everything, even things that aren’t ours to worry about. But, how does that make you physically feel and what good is it doing for your wellbeing? You have a choice in how you handle situations that are presented to you. Are you going to let your emotions control you or are you going to be in control of your emotions by saying “not now, maybe never.” You get to decide!

In the Flow,