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Need a break?

You often hear lots of advice from us, other professionals and the internet on lifestyle choices.  Eat this, not that, meditate, journal, food prep, superfoods, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  While this is all good advice, we may start to feel like our self care routine is restrictive and a full time job.  Let’s be real, if we did all the things we think we should for ourselves, we would have no time left!  It feels stressful at times to try to fit it all in and have time left for work and family.  This leads to feelings of frustration, defeat and missing out.  All these take you out of the present.  After a while of doing this, you actually are not creating progress, but causing emotional contractions. It also can send a message of not being “enough” just who you are.  What if you took a break?  You ate the cake, drank the wine, laughed until your belly hurt, and you were just simply…you.  No chasing the self improvement trail, just authentically yourself.  This is not to say you should just give up.  I think when we allow ourselves the space to just be, we have the potential to learn a lot.  We are able to be present and ask ourselves important questions.  What do I miss about my self care routine?  What is actually helping me improve my health?  What is holding me back?  Am I enjoying my life?  You may find that eating kale is not really helping your health and would rather leave it in the past.  You could realize that meditation practice makes you feel calmer and less reactive.  I encourage you to set a specific length of time to “take a break” from all the self imposed lifestyle rules.  Be present and enjoy your life.  When your break time is up, choose wisely what to put back in.  Self awareness and self improvement are important, but so are human connections, belly laughs, sunshine and cupcakes.  

“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.”  -William Feather

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Lisa is our Senior AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer. You are greeted by Lisa’s smile, and knowledge of which balance will support you best. Be assured you are in skilled and good hands. She is warm and caring as she assists your energy to move through her wellness balance.