Today the center that appears congested is your Navel Chakra.

What does that mean?

The navel chakra is about discernment. From a simple perspective, this can relate to all decision-making.  From making choices about what food we put into our bellies, to what job to take, to simple everyday tasks. The navel chakra is also where we perceive the emotions of others.  It’s where we can receive information and make informed choices about people and situations, ones with which we wish to be aligned or ones we wish to avoid.

When the navel chakra becomes blocked/underactive you feel worried, guilty, blame, and emotionally fearful.  You probably feel lonely.  You may tend to procrastinate and can sweat the small stuff.  You may experience stomach aches, and digestive issues, suffer from seasonal or food allergies, and your muscles can be tired or painful.

When the navel is overactive, you want to be needed.  You may have addictions to food, gambling, sex, or have trouble with collecting things/hoarding.  This is because you want to fill yourself up with things/activities to feel more whole.  You also tend to take on the emotions of people around you.

By understanding your emotions and having clear boundaries of what is yours and which are not, you will keep this chakra more open.  Breathing through your nose and feeling it all the way down into this chakra (a few inches below your belly button) will help your health and ultimately your worry patterns because your breath keeps you present.

The Navel Chakra is located below the navel and is indicated yellow circle on the map.

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