Meet Denise and Susan

Your personal guides to navigating your chakras

Susan and Denise on bridge

Discover more about your chakras and why it matters to your health and wellbeing.

 Susan and Denise are AcuEnergetics® Teachers & Senior Practitioners.

Through AcuEnergetics® extensive training, they have learned how the body's electrical system connects to the body, mind, and emotions.

They study under AcuEnergetics® founder Kevin Niv Farrow from Sydney, Australia. They have the accomplishment of being the first instructors in the United States.

Individually and collectively they are passionate about how the body's energy field can be used to heal ailments.  The AcuEnergetics® way and training have helped expand their knowledge of the body's natural healing capability.  They have a deep understanding of how every person holds in their chakras (energy centers) and why it is important to become more familiar with them.

"Isn't it interesting that no matter where you live on the planet, your heart beats? The same is true for your chakra system, no matter where you originate from, emotions, are held in your chakras "
Susan and Denise's passion and mission are to teach and empower others using energy healing. They love teaching simple powerful techniques for self-care and for helping family and friends to feel better using AcuEnergetics®.

Why is it important to know the details of my chakras?

We are so glad you asked!

Each of us possesses ALL the chakras (energy centers) in our body, the energy in them moves continuously and they are connected to one another.

The natural state of our energy centers is open and flowing. We actually work to close them, we do this at a subconscious level.

However, you do feel it when you close your chakra.

Think of a time when you felt emotionally hurt. Can you recall that feeling?

That is a contracted or closing cycle.

Now, think of a time when you felt appreciated and loved or loving.

That is an open feeling, can you recall that feeling?

An open, flow state is healthier for your body and mind. Take this concept in for a moment and absorb it. Recall the difference in how you feel when you are closed versus when you are open.

Once you become aware of how you are, it changes your life.

Does this fascinate you?

We thought it might.
You have many systems in your body, and your chakra centers are one of these systems.

Your charkas and all organs have electricity flowing through them. The difference is that your chakras hold your emotions.

 In our AcuEnergetics® workshops, we teach the exact location of your chakra centers, but we are also ready to reveal more secrets about how your body's electrical system is intelligent and how it determines your emotional and physical health.

If you're curious we would love for you to learn and understand how we can shift our body's electric system for better health and wellbeing.