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Let it go…

We all have heard this famous song “Let it go…” from the movie Frozen. Have you ever said “I need to let this go”  to yourself or out loud?  This is a very common phrase our minds keep telling ourselves when we realize that we are hanging onto a story or emotion. 

  • Letting go from a job when you get fired or retire
  • Letting go of your home when you move into a nursing home/assisted living
  • Letting go of friends when you move or they move
  • Letting go of children when they go off to college
  • Letting go of emotions when we get hurt
  • Letting go of loved ones we have lost
  • Letting go of expectations
  • Letting go of stories we have accumulated over our lifetime

This list can go on and on.  There are plenty of things that are in our past that keep us from moving on.   

If we are needing to let go, we are aware we are having trouble moving on.  We typically will say, “I NEED to let this go, or I WANT to let this go, or I HAVE to let this go.”

When we realize that we need to let go of something or someone our mind keeps hanging onto the thought that we have not YET let it go and we need to “do something” to get rid of it.   In actuality, needing to get rid of this tends to create more resistance to the problem itself which then keeps the story going.   

The question is really about where our attention is going?  When there is a lot of attention going into the story and the thinking “we need to let it go” the harder it is to move through it.  Think of it as trying to go toward a destination, but the story is saying this is so hard to let it go and pulling us back.  Whichever is stronger will win.  If the attention is strong and you put it on saying “this is so hard”  you will feel stuck.  If the attention is stronger towards something positive, you will go forward.  

When we are hurt, we tend to close down and protect ourselves.  This then doesn’t allow us to be open and move through it.  When we put our attention into something else / a new direction, we go forward.  


  1. Become aware of what you need to let go
  2. Take some space for yourself- and decide if this is the time to go inward and decide something different and change the story and change the outcome
  3. Day to day- put your attention into something else, something easy, something fun. 
  4. Be gentle with this yourself- this takes practice – meditation is very helpful to let go of the mind stories.

Holding on to the past will only serve to impair your future. Letting go helps you move on. It’s often hard to let things go that mattered a great deal to us, but in order to best heal, we must learn to let go.

Remember this…

When we put our attention into fun things, empowerment and growth happens.  

Letting go is really allowing your mind to be more at peace and serenity. Letting go allows good things to show up. Letting go can open up to so many more opportunities and people

You may ask yourself…..How will I know when I’ve been successful in letting go? When you don’t have a visceral reaction when you think about whatever you’re holding on to. 

In the flow,

Susan Schultz

Susan Schultz

Co-owner and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner of Healing Waters Health Center Susan has always had a passion for helping people, and as an occupational therapist, she has worked in a variety of settings. Her curiosity about how the human body works began her quest for a deeper understanding of people and how they become ill. When she started to understand how energy affects the body, it sparked a passion that she loves sharing with others. She shows up authentically each and every day to do her heart’s work. She loves to inspire people with her knowledge and stories that continue to help them grow and heal. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about sharing AcuEnergetics®.