Today the center that appears congested is your Kidney Chakra.

What does that mean?

The Kidney Gate chakra is located in mid-lower back and is about will. This is not the will to follow our whims (which actually don’t require will), but the will to be true to ourselves. It represents the aspect of honoring ourselves, in the sense of having integrity in all our actions, our speech, our thoughts, and our emotions.

The kidney gate blocks through acting dishonorably.  It can also block when you are not being honored or recognized.  If you have an underactive kidney gate, you may find yourself telling people what you have done in order to be recognized.

You may like the attention.

However, if this chakra is too overactive, you may not like the outside attention at all. You may try your hardest not to be recognized, but secretly want to be seen and resent not getting recognition.   You can also feel as though you are not being supported or feel like you are supporting a ton of people around you.  This puts a strain on this chakra.

Physically this blockage can manifest itself as a sore low back, kidney issues, and low energy as the kidneys are the basis for our energy levels.

By honoring and listening to yourself and expressing yourself clearly, you keep the energy moving in this chakra.  When this chakra is open, you treat others the way you would like to be treated and honor yourself with healthy boundaries.

The Kidney Chakra is indicated as the dark pink circle on the map.

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