In the Flow with Healing Waters

Hand holding seesaw balancing work and life block objects

It’s a balancing act

The team at Healing Waters each declared a word for 2023.  I didn’t need much time to ponder my word.  The word balance came to me quickly.  

I can get really focused on one area of life and neglect others.  It’s very easy for me to get focused on work for example.  I enjoy working and feeling productive.  

Growing up in my family, life was all about work.  There were always chores to be done living on a farm.  We took two vacations growing up and both were to visit grandparents, not complaining, that was just life.  

So naturally, I value hard work and sometimes I need a reminder to spend more time with family and friends or to just do something fun.  I’ve recently become aware that I keep myself busy because I don’t want to look at something and work becomes my distraction.  

Along with spending too much time in one area of our lives,  maybe we neglect self care.  I feel myself get out of alignment when I haven’t had a day at home alone for awhile.  I start to feel irritable and I just want solitude.  

Since my family lived in the country we had to make an effort to see friends.  Back in those days parents didn’t drive their kids all over to have play dates, at least my mom didn’t.  I was the youngest so I was used to spending time alone with my pets, riding bike, reading or just being bored.  

Since that was a big part of my development, I value time alone as an adult.  I used to feel guilty for wanting time alone, especially when our kids were small.  But I always felt better afterwards for taking some time for myself. 

How are you balancing all the areas of your life?  Is there an area that needs some attention? 

It’s easy to get stuck in the same pattern of doing things and it can be hard to make a change but the effort is worth it.  If you feel things could be improved, I encourage you to take some time to reflect and plan how you can make time or rearrange your schedule, etc to bring balance into that area of your life.  

Maybe things are working great for you and you’re happy with your life’s balance. To that I say, “Congratulations and enjoy this time of your life!”

We all know what we need to balance our day, our week, our lives but it does take a conscious effort to keep that happy balance.  What do you need today?

Balancing life,