In the Flow with Healing Waters

Stairway to the light. First step

How many first steps can you take?

When we think of first steps, we usually think of a baby learning how to walk and how excited everyone gets when they learn how to put one foot in front of the other. Have you ever realized that you’ve continued that pattern with each decision you’ve made?

Sometimes the first step is natural and you don’t put much thought into moving forward. It just happens. 

Other times, we consciously make the decision to make a change. Asking yourself this important question will give you the answer if you’re contemplating taking the first step. 

Does your vision match your circumstance? 

For example, you may have a vision of having a particular job, but in your current circumstance, you may need additional schooling or training. What measures will you put in place to take your first step to attain your goal? Perhaps you want to start eating healthy and exercising because you’ve gained weight and you don’t like your circumstance. You have a vision of how you want to be. What will be your first step to start eating healthy and exercising? This is similar to goal setting and we get to take that first step to guide your vision and circumstance to align.

Sometimes we are forced into the next step. An example of when we are forced to take the next step forward is when a loved one dies. Wondering how you’re going to move forward or how you will navigate without them   can be overwhelming and may seem impossible. If you can’t take the next step on your own, there are resources to support you. 

If you aren’t making first steps towards your goals or what you desire, ask yourself what’s holding you back? Do you need to seek out professional help? Are you choosing to stay in your story? Are you in denial? Are you afraid of change? Do you not know how or where to start? 

Postponing your first step is common, because we get scared. It doesn’t matter your age, taking that first step can be scary if you let it. Taking that first step requires courage, confidence, trust in yourself, and determination. Sometimes, younger people take more chances, are high risk takers and aren’t afraid of change. But, as we get older, we have a tendency to be cautious and limit our abilities to make a change. The work has to come from within you. 

So to answer the original question, “How many first steps can you take?,” the answer is how many are you willing to take? When wanting to make a change for your vision and circumstance to match, remember that your first step is your biggest stride. Every step after that is manageable if you’re committed, dedicated and enrolled in your vision. 

Stepping forward in the flow,