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How is the Vagus Nerve and TBI connected?

Have you had a previous concussion?  Maybe you suspect you have after smacking your head too hard on a cabinet?  You could have sustained a mild TBI.

What is a TBI?  A TBI is a traumatic brain injury.  It is defined as an injury that affects how the brain works.  TBIs can come from falls, auto accidents, assaults and sports injuries.  When you have a TBI, it can affect multiple areas of your body.  Symptoms vary from mood changes (anxiety, irritability), cognitive issues (brain fog, memory issues), behavior changes (aggression, impulsiveness), headaches, dizziness, fatigue, digestive issues, vision and balance disturbances.  When you receive a blow to the head or concussion, this activates the “fight or flight” pattern in the vagal nerve through the sympathetic nervous system.  The calming part of your nervous system called the parasympathetic shuts down.  This affects your largest cranial nerve, the Vagal nerve.  This “shut down” causes the brain to misfire.  The vagal nerve also communicates with the liver, pancreas and gall bladder causing digestive issues.  

There have been several studies conducted on how treating the vagal nerve improves TBI and PTSD symptoms.  Early studies are promising and showing multiple positive outcomes.  There have been notable improvements in cognitive function, behavior and emotional challenges and better overall health outcomes.  

At HWHC, we offer a Vagal nerve balance.  This balance opens and relaxes the vagal nerve to return your nervous system to the calming center, allowing the brain to heal.

If you are struggling to recover from a TBI, call us today to schedule an appointment to receive a balance in the month of February for a special price of $99. 

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