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How is Electricity Connected to Mind and Body?

We have been brought up thinking when we get sick or have pain, we use bio-chemical (use chemicals)  or bio-mechanical (use of structure, function, and motion) to feel better.  Let me explain the differences between these.  


What do you do when your child or you get an ear infection?  You go and get an antibiotic.

When you have a migraine, you take medications to reduce pain.

When you have a strained back, you think about getting a cortisone shot and medication.

When you suffer from anxiety, your doctor prescribes medication.

When you are depressed, often you are given a prescription.

This is often how we are treated if using bio-chemical ways.


When you have chronic pain in your knee, you may think a knee replacement is the answer.

When you have a disc problem in your back, again you may think surgery is the answer.

When you have rotator cuff pain you get physical therapy and if no relief will sometimes choose surgery.

When you have neck pain you may often see a chiropractor to get relief.

These are ways of using bio-mechanical techniques to treat the body when it is sick.  

Now let me introduce you to the world of BIO-ELECTRICITY

Energy is everywhere and everything is energy.  

Albert Einstein

What does that even mean?  In context of what I am talking about in this article, there is electricity running through our bodies and its bio-electricity.  As an Occupational therapist, this type of thinking was hard for me to wrap my brain around. I definitely had the mindset of moving the body and strengthening muscles to help people function.  I brought my kids into the MD when they had ear pain, and saw my mom get knee replacement for her pain.  The idea of doing anything different was so hard to change my thinking.  But I eventually did!  

20 years ago, I was encouraged by my former boss, to learn craniosacral therapy (bodywork that relieves compressions of the head, sacrum, and spinal column).  I was amazed by the results but always wanted to understand more about HOW it worked.  Until one day one of my patients commented she felt a shock in her foot while I was working at her shoulder.   HMMMMMM  I was intrigued and wanted to further explore. 

Soon after that day, a modality based out of Australia called AcuEnergetics® showed up in my world.   This started the road understanding the way bio-electricity can heal the body and mind.  

AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality with a unique and effective approach to treating illness. Working with the bio-electrical system in the body, encourages faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health in patients.

We see pain and dysfunction in the mind and body as electricity getting stuck.  Electricity flows everywhere through the body.  So when someone comes into the center with knee pain, we get flow going in the electricity channels running through the knee working with meridians.  When someone has an ear infection/pain, we get flow moving electricity to the ear.  We do this similarly with backs, shoulders, and necks.  Not only can we get flow to the joints but to organs as well.  If someone has stomach pain, we look at flow moving through the stomach.  Anxiety is a flow problem in heart or kidneys- depending on how the client presents.  We will talk more about anxiety next week.   

So if treating your pain and illness by way of chemicals or some other way is not helping you, come in and try AcuEnergetics® for yourself. 

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Written by Susan Schultz, co-owner of Healing Waters Health Center

Susan Schultz

Co-owner and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner of Healing Waters Health Center Susan has always had a passion for helping people, and as an occupational therapist, she has worked in a variety of settings. Her curiosity about how the human body works began her quest for a deeper understanding of people and how they become ill. When she started to understand how energy affects the body, it sparked a passion that she loves sharing with others. She shows up authentically each and every day to do her heart’s work. She loves to inspire people with her knowledge and stories that continue to help them grow and heal. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about sharing AcuEnergetics®.