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How do I open my own chakras?


Over the last few weeks you may have learned a thing or two about what attributes we hold in the chakra/energy centers of our bodies.  You may also have tuned into what emotions block these centers.  

Life events, starting from when we are born, all contribute to who we are today and where we may be potentially blocked. You may have had an accident and feared life and death, you may have had surgery and been scared, you may have been hurt by someone, you may have become frustrated with losing a job, or felt grief losing someone important to you.  

Chakras open and close all the time.  It only becomes a problem in the body if it is blocked and doesn’t open back up.  If you have an accident and fear life and death, it is only a problem if you don’t talk about it,  work through it, or change the energy around it.   If you can move through it and move on with life, it won’t create a blockage in the energy.  

When chakras block, there is less energy to the rest of the body including organs and meridians.  When organs and meridians block, there will be dysfunction in the organ or pain in the channel affecting different parts of the body.  

Where are you blocked and how do you open up?? Here are a few different ways you can go about this.  

  • YOU CAN MOVE.  My favorite is a dance called Chakradance®.  It uses visualization and movement to different music to help you open your chakras through dance.  You can find this on spotify- Chakradance® 7 keys to Freedom or online at  There are also chakra dances on youtube.   
  • YOGA can be very effective to open chakras.  There are lots of different poses you can use to help open the heart, navel, brow, crown, etc.  Keep in mind that there are only 7  traditional, but AcuEnergetics® knows of 10.  Not all 10 are used in yoga.  I have used Anodea Judith as my go-to chakra expert who has lots on the internet you can learn from. 
  • Last suggestion is MEDITATION.  Meditation is the calming of the mind and body.  The best way of meditation is just feeling your breath, or just feeling happiness which helps open your heart.  When talking about specifically opening up chakras, meditation (feeling) into the different chakras will help open and relax.  For example, the navel, where we hold the attribute of discernment and block it through worry, fear, feeling alone, will open with feeling into the space below the belly button. Sit and feel into that space and eventually it will start to open.   

When you start to relax and open these chakras, you will move through emotional and physical pain easier.  

Interested in where you are blocked?  Ready to open your blocks?  Need help?  Our August monthly special is still available.  

We also teach how to open chakras in our AcuEnergetics classes.  See the calendar for more information.

-Flow your chakras 

Written by Susan Schultz, Teacher of AcuEnergetics® at  Healing Waters Health Center, Stillwater, MN


Susan Schultz

Co-owner and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner of Healing Waters Health Center Susan has always had a passion for helping people, and as an occupational therapist, she has worked in a variety of settings. Her curiosity about how the human body works began her quest for a deeper understanding of people and how they become ill. When she started to understand how energy affects the body, it sparked a passion that she loves sharing with others. She shows up authentically each and every day to do her heart’s work. She loves to inspire people with her knowledge and stories that continue to help them grow and heal. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about sharing AcuEnergetics®.