In the Flow with Healing Waters

Pretty young woman hugging a tree on a summers day

Get Grounded

My personal experience with grounding was several years ago right after I had taken 

Level 1 & 2 of the Acuenergetics®  courses and learned the technique of tree hugging.  Tree what??  

I don’t recall the details around the day, but I had an argument with my husband and it was our anniversary weekend.  We had plans for an evening out.  My heart felt yucky and I didn’t want to spend time with him. Can anyone relate? I didn’t like how I was feeling and it caused me to not look forward to the evening. I tried praying about it and positive self talk but the yuck feeling just wouldn’t budge.  

I went for a walk at a favorite park and decided to find a spot to meditate. I found a tree stump and plunked down.  A cool thing happened while meditating. I could physically feel energy leaving my body, like the tree trunk was drawing it out of me…weird huh?  That’s exactly what I thought!  Then I decided why not hug a tree while I’m at it!  Tree hugging is when you find a tree that isn’t an old tree or a super young one but maybe a teenage tree. Just place your hands on the tree’s trunk and bring your attention to the feeling in your hands. It will draw negative energy from your hands and body. I left the park feeling refreshed and best of all without the yucky feeling in my heart.  On the drive home I kept waiting for the feeling to return, but it didn’t.  I was pretty amazed and have done tree hugging several times since, especially when I’m feeling anxious or stressed.  

It’s amazing that the earth has the capability to restore our bodies.  Our modern lifestyle has changed so much. When was the last time you walked outside barefoot or laid on the ground?   Hmm,  I lay at the beach once a summer if I’m lucky.  Even if you don’t have the mobility to do those things we all can sit in a chair, kick off our shoes and put our feet on the earth or in the water.  

The earth’s surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free electrons that benefit our bodies in so many ways.  These electrons reduce inflammation which is the culprit to so many of today’s illnesses, along with sleeping better and improving your mood.  

It’s the best time of year to get out and enjoy your backyard, take a road trip, go to your favorite park, etc and while you’re at it take time to sit down or kick off your shoes and ground yourself.   


Going with the flow,