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A man is wrapped in red tape reading fear representing the paralysis of being afraid and unable to move or act in the face of danger or something that scares or

Fear and COVID

Everyone in the world has a story, an opinion, a judgment, and a fear around covid.

It is true, now there is another thing besides birth and death that we all have in common.

Let’s simply look at covid and fear, even if you think that fear around covid is not real for you. I imagine when you really take a look at it you will see that even you have had fear associated with covid.


  • Getting covid
  • Spreading covid
  • A loved one getting covid
  • Dying from covid
  • A loved one dying from covid
  • Not getting the vaccine
  • Getting the vaccine
  • Others getting or not getting the vaccine
  • Losing your job over covid/ or loved one losing their job
  • Strain in relationships
  • What getting covid or getting the vaccine will do to our children
  • What the government will or will not do around covid
  • AND the list goes on!

Covid is here to stay and it is not going to go away, but you can choose how you live with it.

We can choose to live or die with fear around covid.  

Have you noticed, the covid pandemic is fear-based? 

What are we so afraid of, really what are we so afraid of?

Tips on staying out of the fear of covid. 

  • Find ways to stay in the present time, by feeling into your breath- physically touch, feel and be present to things near you. 
  • Become aware of what you are afraid of.
  • Begin to recognize what you have control over and what you do not.
  • Put your attention on the things you DO have control over.  
  • Love the people you love, be present with them. 
  • Notice what you do and do not have control over, keep your attention on things you DO have control over, let go of the things you don’t have control over.

Be In The Flow



Denise is the co-owner, founder of Healing Waters Health Center and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner. She is also a AcuEnergetics® level 1 teacher, and Co-Creator of The Perfect Triangle. Denise’s intrigue with and curiosity about energy flowing through the body began at a young age. She loves educating people on how energy in the body affects our well-being. With more than 30 years of experience, she has a well-rounded approach to assisting people who are interested in alternative ways to improve their health and happiness.