In the Flow with Healing Waters

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Personal expectations. They can be the thing that drives you to realize your goals and increase your productivity. Setting expectations for your own personal growth benefits you and may inspire others to step up their game.

But what about the expectations we have with others? Maybe you have even used the words, “I expect more from you” when you’ve been disappointed with someone’s actions. We tend to have expectations every day of how we want something done, how someone should act, or how an event or gathering will turn out. Sometimes, your expectations of how someone else should be can cause stress, fighting, disruption, anger and frustration when we don’t agree with them. That’s because you don’t have control over someone else’s actions, behavior or attitude, but you do have control over your actions, behavior and attitude. 

With the holidays approaching, families and friends will be gathering. Perhaps, you only see certain family members once a year over the holidays and you base what will happen this year on what has happened in the past. Just by thinking this way, you’re setting the intention that it won’t go well. Commit to imagining in your head that your get-together is going to be fun, happy, full of laughter, connectedness and easy conversation. This will be a way for you to stay positive, release negative expectations and enjoy your time. When you don’t have an expectation of something, there is less chance of disappointment and frustration.  Each time you think of the gathering, you’ll think of the possibilities of the good, not the bad. 

“Expectation feeds frustration. It is an unhealthy attachment to people, things, and outcomes we wish we could control; but don’t. 

Dr. Steve Maraboli

Having personal expectations is good, but when you have expectations for others, you will be disappointed. I am suggesting that you understand that you don’t have control over other people. Disconnecting from your expectations and learning to switch your mindset from a negative outcome to a positive, even if it’s in your thoughts, can increase your well-being. 

Be in the Flow