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Emotional discharge

I recently became aware of something that I’ve never really thought about in this way. 

At Healing Waters, we understand the body is energy and most of our clients know and understand this. However, the idea around creating an energy outlet was brought to my attention recently that I’d like to share with you.  

Last November, a dear friend of mine had a very serious medical event that left him on life support for about a month. His mom is also a friend of mine. Almost every night while her son was in the hospital, she would write an email about what happened during the day. Sometimes she would share news from the doctors or from her daughter-in-law or grandson. Other times she would ask for prayers. 

On Christmas Day, her son passed away. She stopped writing emails until yesterday when she wrote how lovely it was to be able to share all the feelings and the information with friends and family who loved her son. As I read her email, I thought about the words energy and discharge. 

Emotions from events that happen to us seem to create a lot of energy. Where does that energy go? It needs to get released from our bodies somehow. 

I recently had a situation where something happened that really got me stirred up. I wanted to discharge this emotion. In the past, I’d usually call Denise and talk with her. Talking was my form of discharge to get it out of me, and Denise was my sounding board. However, as I sat with the emotions that stirred me up, and not being able to pick up the phone and call Denise, I decided the best way to get it out of me was to write a blog. I believe that is what my friend was doing as well. She was updating others of her son by emailing the details of the day and getting the emotions out of her. 

Maybe your discharge method will be talking with a friend, exercising, journaling, or meditating. Find a method that is best for you and the most healthy. You get to decide how this will work for you. When we recognize how we want to discharge the emotions, we can be more intentional about it in the moment.

Now, after writing this blog, I am not as emotionally charged. My mind is quiet, I feel calm and I have a new tool in my toolbox that I can use anytime, anywhere when I need to unwind or destress. 

Releasing energy in the flow,


Susan Schultz

Co-owner and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner of Healing Waters Health Center Susan has always had a passion for helping people, and as an occupational therapist, she has worked in a variety of settings. Her curiosity about how the human body works began her quest for a deeper understanding of people and how they become ill. When she started to understand how energy affects the body, it sparked a passion that she loves sharing with others. She shows up authentically each and every day to do her heart’s work. She loves to inspire people with her knowledge and stories that continue to help them grow and heal. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about sharing AcuEnergetics®.