Energy Enhancement System


Our Energy Enhancement System Story

The EESystem came to us in a synchronistic way.  It’s a beautiful addition to Healing Waters Health Center.


Sometimes in life, you get nudges to pay attention to things.  In one week’s time, a current client with cancer experienced an EESystem session and talked about her extreme detox effect. We then learned a long-time friend had already ordered an EESystem and another friend, who owns a rife machine and helps clients with many health issues, knew about the EESystem.


In Feb 2023, we took a peek into this technology to consider offering this system at our Center.


It seemed like a fit for us in a way we couldn’t ignore. For years Healing Waters Health Center has been helping people by moving energy.   Everything from decreasing pain, addressing emotional issues, helping women get pregnant, and helping people see again.  When researching the EESystem, we understood this technology does what we have known for years; changing the energy flow, changes how a person feels.  


The EESystem creates scalar waves and bio-photonic light waves, creating an environment that increases energy flow. You naturally acclimate to the energetic environment and nullify the tension in your body and mind.

Similar to when someone gets to a very deep meditative or REM sleep state.  This is a time when cells start to open and regenerate for the healing process to happen.


So many people are struggling right now with mental health issues, pain, fear,  low energy, and stressors in life.  We felt by including the EESystem, we are adding another modality to benefit MORE people in removing congestion in their bodies and be healthier in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.


Because the EESystem is amplified through the use of the 12 units in a large room, multiple people can sit all at the same time and feel and reap its benefits.   The testimonials we have read are very moving.


The mission at Healing Waters Health Center is to teach, empower, and heal one person at a time creating peace and sharing it with the world.    We are very excited to bring this incredible system to Healing Water Health Center community, the St. Croix Valley, and beyond.