Energy Enhancement System

Coming November 2023

The EE System combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness, and self-actualization.

Our EE System Story

It was early January 2023 when we first heard about the Energy Enhancement System
from several friends who are unrelated to each other.
One had been researching the EE System, another had first-hand experience with it, and the
third had purchased a system for her center in Georgia.
The coincidence (we understand that coincidence is common with those using this system) of this made us feel like we should investigate more.

While researching the EE System we discovered it aligns with how we at Healing Waters treat clients by using bio-electrical manipulation to help them heal.

The next step was we needed to experience the EE system ourselves. Initially, we did a two-hour session and found it to be amazing. We felt totally energized afterward. Based on our experience and others we personally know who experienced the additional benefits of this technology,

we have decided to move forward and order a unit for Healing Waters.
The EE System has four basic configurations starting with four units and up to twenty-four units.

The 24-unit is the most desirable as it provides the best results.

The only system at the time in Minnesota was in Apple Valley. One of the EE systems requirements is that centers need to be at least 45 miles apart, which is the exact distance between Apple Valley and Stillwater. After getting approval from the EE System company, we proceeded to
place an order.

Due to the expense of the units, we were only able to order a 12-unit system. Our goal is to increase the order to 24 units, which is recommended for the best results.

To accomplish this, we are asking for your help. We have created pre-buy packages for those interested in experiencing the Scalar Wave EE System.

In turn, this will not only benefit you but help everyone in the east metro area, and western WI enjoy the many benefits of a 24-unit EE System.
You are now part of our story as we reach out to enhance everyone’s well-being and get them involved with the health of our beautiful community.

Being in the EE System is like recharging your body's cellular

Understand the science and the experience of cellular healing.

Learn more about bio-active energy (scalar waves), the body's cellular charge, and the benefits of the EE System.

Meet the staff of this amazing center in Mt Pleasant, Michigan.

Listen as they describe how the EE System helps repair the DNA with Biophoton Scalar technology



You are invited to purchase a package to help upgrade to a 24-unit Energy Enhancement System

One session - 60 minutes

You are welcome to purchase multiple sessions at one time extending your session up to four hours.

One hour session is for those curious, if at the end of your session you wish to have more time in the EE System, you are welcome to stay if there is a vacant spot.

A two hour session is recommended for most healthy people.

Extended visits for those who have a chronic illness or disease is encouraged.

6 Session Pre-buy Package


  • $41.67 per session

12 Session Pre-buy Package


  • $41.67 per session

30 Session Pre-buy Package


  • $36.67 per session

100 Session Pre-buy Package


  • $41.67 per session

200 Session Pre-buy Package


  • $41.67 per session

Click on the package you'd like to order online or

Call us at (651) 430-2866 to learn more or to purchase a package.

This page is under construction, visit us again soon to see the finished product.

Results Vary

Individual results may vary. the use of the EE System can be used in conjunction with conventional healthcare services. The information and view communicated by Healing Waters Health Center is not intended to be a substitute for conventional health care services. We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treat medical or mental health conditions. Prevention, management, and cure of illness are not guaranteed. Individuals should consult with their physician to make their health care decisions.