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Doing the OLGA


It was earlier this year when I made the decision to pick a word that I would strive towards. I wanted a word that when I read it I would be reminded to become the best version of myself and the best human I could be.

I have had friends in past years pick a word for a year and then notice how it shows up in their life. At the end of the year, they can look back and see the different ways this word has impacted their life.

So, I set off to find a WORD!!! 

Well, I could not pick just one – but I could find 4 that suited the occasion.

They are: 





I thought this seems to be a great start to my end goal of becoming the best version of myself and the best human I can be.

In mid-March a friend sent me a message, asking how I was doing. We only connect a few times a year since she moved to another state a few years ago. I filled her in about my life and my 4 words for the year. 

She replied immediately with this comment. 

OLGA…. Open, Loving, Grateful, Allowing….. OLGA…

Of course, I was curious as to what OLGA really means.  Google’s definition is  “Blessed”, and  “Successful”.

As time went on, I have added these words to my screensaver – I AM OPEN, I AM LOVING, I AM GRATEFUL, I AM ALLOWING. Some of my clients have seen it, and a few have taken pictures of my screen. 

One of my clients returned a few weeks after taking the picture, laughed and said I am now doing the OLGA! 

This brings more fun and joy into my life! I don’t know about you but, I think this is pretty fun and I am going to run with this!

Today OLGA is becoming our blog
Now we are taking this thing OLGA to the next level, hoping that more people are going to do the OLGA. 

Why not join in? 

What if we could get OLGA to go viral? Can you imagine for a moment with me, what kind of life we will each live? What kind of world will we live in when more and more people do the OLGA?

What will we teach our children? To be the change as it starts with each of us, right now. 

If not now when?

In the upcoming weeks, I will share with you what doing the OLGA means to me and what it can do for your life should you decide to do the OLGA, I think it will be pretty fun!

I hope you’ll join me in the fun!

Let’s do the OLGA!

-Stay in the Flow

Written by Denise Gunderson



Denise is the co-owner, founder of Healing Waters Health Center and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner. She is also a AcuEnergetics® level 1 teacher, and Co-Creator of The Perfect Triangle. Denise’s intrigue with and curiosity about energy flowing through the body began at a young age. She loves educating people on how energy in the body affects our well-being. With more than 30 years of experience, she has a well-rounded approach to assisting people who are interested in alternative ways to improve their health and happiness.