In the Flow with Healing Waters

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Discover, educate and empower

At the beginning of January, Susan wrote on the whiteboard in our break room her word for 2023. I had heard about others choosing a word of the year instead of making resolutions but it really didn’t dawn on me to choose one for myself. Then Denise chose her word and wrote it down. It was not told to us that we had to pick a word for the year, but eventually, each one of us has declared our 2023 word. As I thought about this concept, I really liked the thought of choosing a word for the year vs a list of random resolutions that seldom are fulfilled. For whatever reason, choosing a word feels free where resolutions feel confining. 

I thought long and hard about what word I was going to pick for myself. I wanted a word that would challenge me, encourage me and open my heart and mind to new ways and opportunities. After a while, it finally came to me. My word for 2023 is DISCOVER. 

Obviously, I know what the word discover means, but I wanted to see its definition so I googled it. It read:

“To find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.” 

Discovering something isn’t always unexpected. Most often, it’s something that happens when you’re curious about something. When you investigate, ask questions, and read about something that you are unfamiliar with, you’re discovering. I wrote my list of things that I would like to discover. Let’s just say that the list is long! Of course, there will be many things that I discover unexpectedly, as stated in the definition, but whether I’m searching for my discovery or it just shows up, I’ll still be learning. 

On a personal level, I intend to use my 2023 word to dive into unknown waters where there is discomfort, fear and lack of knowledge so that I can empower myself as I discover each new thing that I decide to take on. The end goal is to feel comfortable in each thing I discover, educating myself and gaining knowledge which will allow me to be fearless and confident.  

Discover may be the word I’m focusing on this year, but it’s something I will continue to be mindful of each year because when you are discovering, you’re learning. What word will you choose? 

Discovering in the flow,