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Along with treating your ailments, teach how the body works and our natural holding patterns resulting in physical and emotional stability. 


AcuEnergetics® Training

With AcuEnergetics® training, you learn how to feel energy—in yourself and in others, helping you heal faster, and experience less stress in your body and mind.

Take this class solely for personal development, or if you are looking for a career change—become a wellness balancer or practitioner, and help others heal.

Upcoming AcuEnergetics® Training:

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In-Person Meditation Class

Learn the powerful tool of meditation helping calm your mind, open your heart, and live life with more joy, bliss, and peace of mind.

Our meditation classes are once a week for one month. The cost is $57 for the four classes.

Students learn the importance of the breath and how to open their hearts. They learn why this is so helpful for anxiety and depression. They also learn how emotions and mind affect our bodies.

Upcoming In-Person Meditation Classes:

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Online Meditation Class

Enjoy this 6 week online meditation class in the comfort of your own home. You gain knowledge on why and how meditation works. Learn two powerful and simple meditations that you will want t use for the rest of your life, because they work. If you are new to meditation or are seasoned these meditations are for you.


The Perfect Triangle

Become skilled at identifying how you are in any given moment as you discover and heal your body, mind, and emotions. Understanding simple techniques on what it takes to make all of your relationships healthy. Become empowered to make positive changes in a step by step method that works every time.