Today the center that appears congested is your Brow Chakra.

What does that mean?

The brow chakra (center) is where wisdom arises. The brow center is the first active spark or recognition of an idea before it is externalized into a thought or made verbal. We’re all aware of the ‘ah ha’ feeling of understanding. This is termed cognition. The brow center governs what we term in western neuroscience as right brain functions. These functions are related

to rhythm, feeling, and intuitive perceptions, the ‘ah ha’ or gut feelings.

The brow chakra becomes underactive or blocked when you over-intellectualize things and try to “work things out” which results in feeling both overwhelmed and exhausted and disconnects you from the power of your own intuition. As a result, you may be quite fearful

and distrustful of the process of life and have anxiety over the future.

A brow blockage is associated with a broad range of issues, including depression, anxiety, and a more judgmental attitude—while physically, it's said to cause headaches, dizziness, and a slew of other brain-health issues.

Meanwhile, having an overactive brow chakra can lead to an overactive imagination and a mind that runs away. You may even find your thoughts are so active that they can be overwhelming and frightening.

Being still, enjoying your breath, and relaxing are important ways to help open this chakra. Feeling more in your body will naturally relax your mind. Looking at what you want to bring into your life helps to open this chakra.

Take some time to “dream”, it's fun!

The Brow Chakra is located on the forehead above the eyebrow, as indicated by the dark blue circle on the map.

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