In the Flow with Healing Waters

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Benefits of Monthly Membership

Do you look forward to car repairs? Of course not, no one does! 

Most of us rely on our vehicles on a daily basis to get us to work, school, appointments or wherever we need to be.   We depend on them.  

We depend on our bodies everyday as well, to move, function and carry us through life.  Our body needs care and maintenance just like our vehicles.  That sounds cliché but when I was younger I can’t tell you how many times I ran out of gas, forgot to change the oil or ruined tires because I simply didn’t schedule a tire rotation.  I hope I’m not the only one, and I even feel embarrassed admitting all these blunders!  We get distracted and busy with life or are naive and inexperienced when it comes to maintenance and it simply falls by the wayside.  Our vehicles need maintenance, WE need maintenance as well. 

When Healing Waters began their monthly membership almost 4 years ago I decided to sign up for six months.  I’ve continued on and haven’t missed a month in nearly four years.  I look at it as maintenance for my body…instead of waiting for something to go wrong or waiting to get sick and “then I’ll go see someone” type of thinking.   

I used to be plagued with colds all winter.  It seemed as quickly as I’d get over one, I’d catch another one.  That was a sign my spleen was struggling.  Your spleen plays a vital role in your immune system. Subsequently, it’s been years since I’ve had a cold.  

Taking the time once a month is something I look forward to.   Lisa has been my balancer and she listens to how I’m feeling and chooses the best balance for me.  Some months it might be more physically related like hip pain and some months it’s more emotional and that needs balancing.  

It’s very beneficial for us to keep our energy flowing.  When our energy gets stuck or congested that’s when we don’t feel our best or we get injured, sick, depressed or anxious.  

There are 11 balances that are really amazing and help with a wide range of issues.  

Healing Waters is growing and has added two more balancers to their team to help improve your quality of life.  Make it a monthly priority for yourself to keep your energy flowing and feeling your best.  

In the Flow,