Today the center that appears congested is your Base Chakra.

What does that mean?

The base chakra becomes underactive/blocked through fear of life and death and fear of intimacy.  If you've experienced a lot of traumas in your life this chakra most likely has been affected.  You may not like change and tend to hold back in new situations.  You are restless and like to be busy.  You most likely are not a person with a lot of patience for others or yourself.

Sometimes this center can be too active. In this case, the energies are working overtime and you become too attached to the physical and material world in ways that are unhealthy.   Overindulging in physical pleasures like food or sex, becoming too attached to money, and an obsession with feeling secure are all markers of an overactive base chakra.

Physical issues may present as being anxious, insecure, and restless. You may also have incontinence. You may be labeled as clumsy or have vertigo as you feel ungrounded.

Being still, enjoying your breath, and relaxing is important to help open this chakra.  By doing so you can start absorbing the beauty around you.  Being outside in nature and enjoying the sounds, smells, and feeling your feet on the ground is very important.  Reassuring yourself you are safe is also a way to help relax the tension in your base.

The physical location of this center is between your legs at the perineum which is between the sex and anus.

The image shows this red chakra is located at the upper thigh. However, it is not on the side of your leg, it is at the base of the torso.

Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 6.24.13 PM

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