In the Flow with Healing Waters


An Awkward Predicament

I recently went to a gathering where I didn’t know anyone, except for the person that I went with. This gathering was held in the club house at a golf course with about 50 people in attendance. 

After dinner we were mingling with others and there were games set up for people to play. Instead of going to the bar to get water, I went to the drinking fountain to get a drink. After getting my drink, I went into the bathroom, which was right next to the drinking fountain. (I don’t mean to get too graphic here, but what happened next was hilarious).

I went into the stall, shut the door and proceeded to do my business. The wall that separated the toilet from the rest of the bathroom had a gap on the bottom about 18 inches (just like in the picture above). I heard someone come into the bathroom and I suddenly saw 2 feet under the wall, facing the wall. I then realized they were men’s shoes! I immediately thought that there was a man in the women’s bathroom! Ha! I quickly realized that they were using the urinal and I was in the wrong bathroom! 

I immediately froze thinking if I’m quiet enough, I can wish myself out of this situation. Suddenly, another man came into the bathroom and the 2 men started chatting. I was hoping that they wouldn’t notice my feet under the wall because it would’ve been obvious that it was a woman in there with her cute shoes. I was just getting ready to text my friend to come and help me when both men left. I looked under the wall and didn’t see any feet, so I got out of there as quickly as I could, went into the women’s bathroom and washed my hands. 

When I came out of the women’s bathroom, my friend immediately saw me and asked me where I had gone. I explained what happened and we laughed. I was so thankful that I didn’t get caught!

It’s important to find humor in life and to laugh at yourself. It’s not only a healthy attitude, it’s a healthy attribute. 

In the flow in the wrong bathroom,