In the Flow with Healing Waters




There is one thing that you can count on throughout life and that is change. Nothing stays the same. Change can be trivial, or shattering. With that comes resistance to accept unwelcomed situations and unwanted outcomes. What I have learned from resisting acceptance is that it causes agitation and unhappiness within. 

Being accepting of change doesn’t mean that I like what is happening, but it means that I am willing to be present to the change without resistance or struggle. From that place, I can work towards creating better conditions for myself. 

The most recent change in my life is the death of my dear sister, friend, and boss, Denise. The change of not seeing her at work, of no longer being able to call her on the phone, no longer laughing with her, not including her in group texts with my other siblings, or not hearing her voice are changes that I was struggling with. Anyone who has experienced grief knows that there are many layers to it and accepting the death of someone is not easy. 

I don’t like to feel agitated, unhappy or whatever negative emotion may arise. I am practicing being present with my feelings, being accepting of my circumstances and knowing that I have a choice that makes a difference for my well-being. I practice gratitude in the big and little things in life because I find it hard to be sad when I’m grateful. I’m not burying my sadness, but I’m making a commitment to myself to identify it, feel it and accept it. Most of us have had the challenge of accepting something that we didn’t expect. If you are struggling with acceptance, ask yourself these questions:

What will help you to accept your situation? 

Be aware that you have a choice to accept or resist your situation or circumstance. 

How will you benefit if you accept a situation or circumstance? Will the benefits be the same if you resist?

What do you experience when you resist acceptance?

In closing, let the words of the serenity prayer sink in:

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can

And wisdom to know the difference

Accepting in the flow,