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A large bump on the child's forehead. Baby bruises concept

A valued addition to your first aid kit

The following is a true story:

The other day, my daughter was playing in an indoor playground and suddenly came crying to me holding her head in agony. She had been accidentally pushed head first into a pole and hit her forehead. Within seconds, she had a bump on her head and it was already starting to turn black and blue. She was in pain and shock and while some of the other moms went to get an ice pack, I sat her on my knee and started treating her head with resonance, the technique used in AcuEnergetics®. 

It took a while to calm down, maybe 20 minutes, but the bump started to reduce in that short amount of time. The pain also subsided enough for me to put her in the car and drive her home. When we got home, I treated her again for about 45 minutes. By that time, the bump was almost completely gone and she no longer had any pain. Most people would expect for the bump to remain for several days, a large black and blue spot, and for there to be pain at the sight. By the next morning, the bump was completely gone, there was slight discoloration where her head hit the pole, and very little tenderness to the touch.” 

That is the power in learning this healing approach! It is so useful and practical in so many ways. There will be countless occasions where you will be able to help your family, friends and loved ones in a really handy way. Plus, it’s safe for all ages!

If you would like to learn some of the incredible techniques to speed healing and pain in the body and mind so that you can make a real difference to your health and your loved ones, then this is for you!

We have an Energy Medicine Essentials (Level 1) workshop coming up. If you register before March 25th, 2024, you will get the early bird special and save $50! 

Here are the details:

Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21, 2024

$595 if paid in full AFTER March 25, 2024

$545 if paid in full BEFORE March 26, 2024 

9am-6pm both days

Held at Healing Waters Health Center.

Invite a friend to take the workshop with you! It’s fun to learn this amazing technique with someone so you can practice with each other. Call 651-430-2866 to register! You’ll have another addition to your first aid kit that will end up being the most valuable!

In the flow of natural healing!

Susan Schultz

Co-owner and AcuEnergetics® Senior Practioner of Healing Waters Health Center Susan has always had a passion for helping people, and as an occupational therapist, she has worked in a variety of settings. Her curiosity about how the human body works began her quest for a deeper understanding of people and how they become ill. When she started to understand how energy affects the body, it sparked a passion that she loves sharing with others. She shows up authentically each and every day to do her heart’s work. She loves to inspire people with her knowledge and stories that continue to help them grow and heal. As a lifelong learner, she is passionate about sharing AcuEnergetics®.